Why You Need To Prioritize Mobile Marketing Automation

We probably don’t have to tell you that mobile has come to play a central part in the lives of modern consumers. In fact, Americans spent an average of 10 hours per day on mobile devices in 2016.

“This means that the average American spends over 500 hours per year navigating websites or talking on their mobile device, providing ample opportunity to capture their attention and get them discussing your business on a device they use so frequently as part of their daily lives,” says Forbes.

With mobile devices clearly claiming a position as the preferred connection most people use in the world, your brand can no longer afford to ignore them. And, if you’re not using mobile marketing automation, you’re losing out on a powerful strategy for growing your business.

Mobile Marketing Automation = Business Growth

As Forbes points out, smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming popular tools for communication across all demographics, giving you a golden opportunity to put your marketing messages into the hands of your consumers and reach a much wider audience by doing so.

Digital marketing continues to evolve, with mobile marketing automation playing an increasingly crucial role. So, you’ve got to make sure you have a cohesive mobile marketing plan to connect with digital consumers.

That said, the implementation of mobile marketing automation—using software, templates, and behavioral triggers to execute, manage and automate mobile marketing tasks and processes (like marketing campaigns and responses)—correlates very strongly with business growth.

“Business marketing has exploded in scope and complexity making it practically impossible for marketers to efficiently and effectively reach target customers without a fully implemented marketing automation system.”

Source: IDC Group

Check out the following statistics:

  • According to a Lenskold and Pedowitz Group study, 63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitors use marketing automation.
  • The same Lenskold and Pedowitz study found that 78% of successful marketers named marketing automation as the biggest factor in improving revenue.

Mobile marketing automation helps you reach customers at all their mobile touchpoints, including push notifications, mobile apps, the Internet, social media, emails, and more.

Remember, though, being able to send your message directly to a customer’s mobile device is a privilege. After all, you’ve been given permission to talk to them at any time. That means you need to make sure what you send them is valuable, relevant and personal.


Today, it’s important to take advantage of all available resources in order to engage with your audience. Mobile marketing automation is showing itself to be a powerful tool in reaching consumers via the communication method they most prefer.

“Mobile marketing is a more personalized form of marketing because it allows you to get closer to consumers than ever before. This alone can make it more likely to convert viewers into paying customers.”

Source: Entrepreneur

Studies show that mobile marketing automation will gain a bigger position in the marketing arena as time goes on. Companies who wait to implement it will have a harder time adapting…and they’ll pay more to do it, too.

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