What Can Stop Amazon.com? | Jay Baer

“The way to survive when someone else is producing a terrific customer experience and being incredibly efficient, the way you survive is by being incredibly relevant and specific.”

Jay Baer

Jay Baer, President of Convince and Convert, is a world leader in digital marketing. He has been sharing his expertise with retailers, marketers, and small business owners for over twenty years. Recently, he shared the answer (via video) to the following question:

What Can Stop Amazon.com?

Retailers around the world, especially small businesses have been concerned over the last few years that they won’t be able to compete with Amazon for much longer. Don’t worry. There is still a way to win.

Jay shares an example of a small business in Santa Fe that specializes in chocolate. Jay referred to the owner as “the chocolate master”. This store specialized in high-end chocolate and the owner could tell you anything you wanted to know about it.

“The way you’re going to survive in retail is not by being broad and an inch deep; it’s by being super specific and a mile deep…Different is better than better. If you can make yourself different, if you can give people a reason to come in that they can’t get anywhere else, that is your life preserver.”

Jay Baer

The chocolate master can compete with Amazon because he can do something Amazon can’t.  And so can you. You can talk to your customers face to face and in depth about your products, and the industry you’re in. You can show them your passion for it and help them find which products you have that will best help them in the experience they’re looking to have. Read more about giving your customers the five-star treatment here.

Additionally, if you want to compete with online giants like Amazon, bring your customers the same online convenience. Create an excellent online store that offers an excellent user experience. Create amazing product pages using this How-to Guide.

Watch the full video below.

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