What 54% of Customers Prefer For Customer Service

The same way customers demanded brands build websites and respond to
emails, they are now demanding that companies allow for social customer
service. For customers, interacting with brands via Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp et al is often faster and easier, and many customers believe they receive better care via these channels than they receive via phone and email.

Jae Baer, Convince and Convert

If you’re going to take the time to market to consumers, be sure you also take the time to take care of those consumers once they become your customers. If you don’t provide customers with excellent customer service, they will go elsewhere, and/or share their bad experience with others, and your time spent marketing will have been for nothing.

A Spectator Sport

Customer service is now what Jae Baer calls a “spectator sport”. Customer service no longer happens soley during one-on-one phone calls, in the aisle of your store, or via private emails. We have entered a time when the world watches the way businesses treat their customers. This means when you provide the customer with poor service, others will see it. The good news? When you provide your customers with a great experience, others will see that too. Where are consumers watching this take place? Social media.

Customers now spend more time online and want to receive your support there. A great deal of this online time is spent on social media.

Source: Conversocial

Social media is no longer just an advertising opportunity. It’s a place to show your customers you care for them by the way you respond to their comments, tweets, etc.  Not only will the customer appreciate your excellent service, so will the “spectators” and future customers.

What do I mean by future customers? Today’s consumer bases his or her decision to purchase a product based on the customer experience provided by the business in question.  It used to be that consumers consulted friends to find out where they should shop. Word of mouth is still a strong force, but it has evolved. Now, instead of just  asking friends for recommendations, consumers take it to social media. They search out the company’s social profiles and take a look at customer interactions. This means the great customer service you provide via social media will live online as a testimonial for your business.

Let Customers Market For You

For millennia, most customer contacts have taken place in private. But
not now. And when other current customers (and prospects) can see
precisely how a business handles questions and negativity, that
disposition can have a material impact on revenue.

Jae Baer, Convince and Convert

By providing your customers with great service on social media, you’re letting them market for you. Their experience will live in your social profiles and they will often share their positive customer experience with friends via their own social media channels. When others ask for recommendations via social media, those who had a great experience with you will recommend your business.

Source: Edison Research Source: Edison Research Source: Edison Research


Providing great customer service should always be the goal, but it is now even more crucial to the success of your business. Show customers and all other specatators what type of a business you are with the service you provide via social media.


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