32 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is a key part of any business. Sometimes growing that email list can be a challenge. Small Biz Trends put together a great list to help with that.  We’ve narrowed their list down a little to highlight our favorites. Here are 32 of our favorite ways you can easily grow your email list to increase your sales.

Why should you spend time on email marketing efforts?

Source: Sales Force Marketing Cloud Source: Direct Marketing Association


 “86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, and 15% would like to get them daily.”


Source: Statista, 2015

Now that you know why you’re doing it,  get started on growing your email list and thereby growing your sales!


Let Them Know What They Can Expect

  • Be Clear About Your Offerings – Let people know what they’re signing up for – a newsletter? coupons? blog posts? and maybe how often you send out emails –  daily? weekly? monthly?
  • Reassure Subscribers About Spam – No one likes spam. Let those looking to sign up for your emails know that you respect their email and won’t share it with others.
  • Create Separate Opt-ins – You may have customers that want content from you, but maybe not all that you have to offer. Cater to their needs by allowing them to choose which content they subscribe to: newsletters, sales info, new product info, etc.
  • Include Testimonials – Testimonials are always a great idea. Have you thought of sharing testimonials that specifically speak to your email content?

Offer Free Stuff

  • Offer an Incentive – Give customers something in exchange for their email. A direct way to communicate with them is worth giving away something for free.
  • Create a Free Download – Today’s world loves information. Create a great document such as a how-to guide that customers can download by volunteering their email information.
  • Reward Sign-ups – Do you have a customer rewards program? Allow customers to participate in accumulating points or rewards for each purchase by giving you their email.
  • Host a Giveaway – Whether in-person, or online, giveaways are always a hit and a great way to add a lot of email addresses to your list. Simply require an email address for entrance into the giveaway.
  • Offer a Free Service – If your shop offers services such as repairs or classes, offer customers either a free or discounted service in exchange for their email address.


Spread The Word

  • Include a Sign Up Form on Your Website – Invite online visitors to opt-in to your email list with a prominently displayed sign-up field on your homepage. The sign-up should let them clearly know what they can expect to receive from you. Read: 7 Easy Steps to Building the Best Homepage
  • Have a Sign-up Sheet – It may seem obvious, but this tip is sometimes overlooked. Be sure to have a physical sign-up sheet setup at the checkout, and passed around during classes, events, and tradeshows.
  • Request Emails During In-person Sales – Have your employees ask for shoppers’ email addresses as they are checking out. By offering coupons, or sales info, you’ll give customers a reason to let you into their inbox.
  • Include a Link on Your Business Cards – If you use a business card, go ahead and include a link that will let customers know where they can sign up to receive more information about your business, including sale and discount information.
  • Include a Sign-up Link in Your Signature – With all of the emails you most likely send out, it makes sense to take advantage of the marketing opportunity there. By including a sign-up link in your email signature, you spread the word without pressuring anyone.
  • Visit Trade Shows – sign-up sheet, contest, giveaway in exchange for email
  • Ask for Sign-ups from Direct Mail – If you use direct mail to share newsletters and other information with your customers, suggest that they can go paperless by signing up for your emails.
  • Invite People to an Event – Tell shoppers about an event you are holding and invite them to learn more by giving you their email address.
  • Encourage Email Sharing – In each email you send out, encourage readers to share the great content with their friends.
  • Consider a Pop-up – When done well, pop-up boxes can be a great option for encouraging online visitors to opt-in for your newsletters. Read this article to become an expert in using pop-ups.
  • Include Calls to Action on Blog Posts – If you maintain a blog, be sure to utilize it to grow your list by having an email signup either at the top of your blog, or at the end of your blog posts. Read more about blogging for your business.
  • Make Order Confirmations Work for You  – While email marketing often happens before the sale, it can also happen during or after the sale. Use order confirmation pages to allow customers to check the box on your great content.
  • Speak at an Event – Spread the word about how awesome your business is by sharing expertise you have at an event or trade show. Send around a signup sheet and gain interested customers.
  • Start a Club – If your business caters to a group of people with specific common interests, help them explore that interest further by starting an email club that shares information (including product information) relevant to the topic they’re interested in.

Utilize Social Media Channels

  • Add it to Your Social Profiles – Where you can, add a link on your social profiles to invite fans and followers to sign up to hear more from you.
  • Add a Call to Action on Facebook – Create a button on your Facebook page that takes fans to a landing page where they can sign up for emails. Read top Facebook tips here.
  • Publish Offers on LinkedIn – Utilize your LinkedIn presence to publish offers there and grow your list.
  • Promote Exclusive Content on Pinterest – Capture customers’ attention with visually appealing photographs of your products, classes, etc. on Pinterest.
  • Share Your Expertise on YouTube – Incentivise customers to sign up for your emails by notifying them that they will receive direct links to new how-to videos you publish on Youtube. Read more about utilizing video for your business here.
  • Include Social Sharing Buttons – Let your customers easily share their love for your business and your content by including social sharing buttons on your website and blog.
  • Preview New Offers on Social Media – Tease customers who haven’t signed up for your emails by previewing them on social media to let them know what they’re missing.


Create Great Content

  • Provide Helpful Online Content –  Connect with your customers by creating helpful videos, tips, or other content they would like to see.
  • Host a Webinar – Share your expertise with your customers by hosting a webinar. Invite them to sign up for free with their email address.

Holly Wade is a lover of words and marketing. She can’t read great writing without smiling, and she can’t watch a commercial without analyzing its success as marketing content. She gets a little carried away every time she goes to the library, and she always sides with using the Oxford comma. She loves writing articles that help small retail businesses find success.

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