The Top 8 Website Mistakes You Need to Fix Now

Most people can look at a website and tell you if it looks professional and updated, or if it looks amateur and outdated, but they can’t always tell you why. These top 8 website mistakes will shed some light on what makes websites great and what makes them…. not so great.

8. Outdated Content

When customers see “New” Christmas products in March, upcoming classes from two months ago, or lots of out-of-stock items, their opinion of your website will immediately head South.

Fix it:  Set yourself up for success by being realistic about how often you can update your website.  Whether your updates come weekly, monthly, or quarterly, be sure to plan ahead.  If you’re super busy, make sure you only feature items on your homepage that would work year round.

7. Bad Picture Quality

Photographs are the only way your potential customers can see what you have to offer. So they better be good. If your photographs have too low of a resolution, they will appear grainy. If their resolution is too high, the images will take forever to load.

Fix it: There are many free online services that allow you to resize the file size of your images so they are better suited for your website. (Try  You should also have photographs that are well-lit, close-up, and properly cropped.

6. Bad Content Layout

Sometimes the reason a website looks unprofessional is simply the way it’s organized. A layout may look unappealing because it has no pictures, has really long blocks of misaligned text, or is cluttered with too many out-of-place pieces of content.

Fix it: Be selective about what you place on your homepage. Organize information into well-placed sections such as Featured Products or Upcoming Events. Finally, make sure photographs and text are properly aligned.



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5. Unprofessional Design and Elements

Many things can make a website look unprofessional. These may include auto-playing music, outdated clipart,  broken links,  an under construction sign, and the list goes on.

Fix it: Get a website from a design company with a good-looking portfolio. Avoid getting a website from your neighbor’s-brother’s girlfriend. It might “save” you money, but it won’t get you many sales. Get rid of anything on the unprofessional list above.

4. Not Getting Products and Classes Online

People love the ability to shop online. If you can’t easily get your products and classes online, you are missing great opportunities for sales.

Fix it: Make it a goal to get a certain amount or category of products online each week or month.  Read 5 Tips  That Will Get You More Class Signups.

3. A Design You Can’t Update Yourself

Simply put, having a website that you can’t easily update yourself is a horrible idea. Why would you pay money for a website that you can’t easily add new products, new images, or new text to? You suffer and your customers suffer.

Fix it: Find a website provider that has the software that allows you to easily update your website without getting a headache, spending forever on the phone, or making a long list of changes you need someone else to make. That company should provide tools and training to make you feel comfortable when working on your own website.

2. No Clear Call to Action

Many people spend time and effort to get visitors to their website only to have it wasted once the potential customers arrive. Getting customers to your website will do you almost no good if you don’t tell them what you want them to do.

Many people spend time and effort to get visitors to their website only to have it wasted once the potential customers arrive. Getting customers to your website will do you almost no good if you don’t tell them what you want them to do.

Fix it: Decide what the number one goal for your website is. What do you want visitors to do? Sign up for your newsletter? Register for classes? Purchase one of your new products? Whatever your call to action is, be sure to have a well-placed, attention-grabbing button that allows customers to complete that call to action. Many websites also have a smaller, secondary call to action.

1. No Email Marketing

While it’s hard to put these mistakes in order, this mistake definitely fits in the top slot. If you aren’t doing email marketing and doing it well, you’re losing money. This mistake includes not collecting email addresses at all, making it too difficult for customers to sign up, not sending out regular emails, and sending out emails without a link to your online store.

Fix it: Collect email addresses at the register and on the home page of your website. Make sure your online sign-up requires only an email address and offers an incentive such as coupons or sales info.  At least once a month, send out a short email that highlights new products, sales items, or upcoming classes. Make sure this email has a link to your online store, and make sure that link works. Learn all you need to know about email marketing in this Email Marketing Guide.

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