The Secrets Behind Mobile Shopping Decisions

“More than 60 percent of omnichannel shoppers said they plan to start making purchases using mobile devices or will do so even more in the upcoming year, according to a new study released today by Facebook.”


Source: Adweek

Because mobile devices have been so ubiquitous for a few years now, no one questions their increase in popularity, or why consumers might find them useful or even necessary. What some may wonder is why or why not consumers shop via these ever-present mobile devices.

To give further insight into the minds of mobile shoppers, “Facebook conducted a study of 2400 adults who had used mobile phones, tablets, desktops or laptops to research or buy items online in the past three months.”

The study answers two important questions. First, why do online shoppers give preference to laptops over mobile devices?

Many businesses have room to improve when it comes to the mobile shopping experience they provide for their customers.

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The second question the study explains is why some shoppers prefer in-store shopping to mobile shopping.  Small businesses putting time and money into their brick and mortar store will find the following encouraging:

While online shopping is convenient, it still doesn’t answer the need shoppers have to touch and feel the product they are contemplating purchasing.

Providing customers with an enjoyable shopping experience is key to turning them into frequent, loyal shoppers. Read some tips on creating loyal customers here.


Source: Adweek


The results of the study point to one thing. Shoppers will do what is most convenient and enjoyable. Among other factors, an enjoyable customer experience and easy checkout process drive shoppers in their shopping decisions. Be sure to meet these customer needs by creating a smooth checkout process, online and in-store, and by treating your customers with superior customer service.

While many customers may prefer finishing their shopping via a desktop, or in the store, most of them will spend time doing research via their mobile device, making it a crucial piece of retail strategy. Read more about mobile’s crucial role in driving in-store purchases here.

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