The Power of Social Video: 2018 Consumer Trends

As a small business owner, you might be resisting using video in your digital and social media marketing strategies. And if that’s the case, you’re missing out on a very effective advertising method.

How effective? Consider this: a whopping 93% of marketers credit video for landing them a new customer.

“When it comes to consumers and social media, video is first with everything else coming in second. This essentially means brands and marketers have to take a video-first approach when they are looking to reach their audience on social media.”

Source: Small Business Trends

As your small business expands its digital presence, video must play a bigger role. Video consumption will continue to grow as 5G networks are released and speed is no longer an issue.

According to an Animoto study, 73%  of consumers said they have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchasing decision and 45% said video is their #1 favorite type of content to see from brands. It just makes good marketing sense to combine these two powerhouses together.

Social media is also responsible for helping brands be discovered by consumers, in part because 32% take a look at a brand’s social media before they even visit the website.

Source: Small Business Trends

About 45% of consumers said that video was responsible for their first introduction to the brand/product before they made a purchase. As far as the best platform for watching social media videos from brands goes, consumers prefer Facebook and YouTube—in that order—followed by Instagram.

Source: Small Business Trends

And if you’ve ever wondered which types of videos consumers are watching most, here are the top three: how-to videos, videos about sales and promos, and top five lists, as indicated in the image below.

Source: Small Business Trends

From online streaming services to social video content, video is becoming a central part of how we live. In fact, when Wyzowl asked survey participants specifically how much video content they’d watch in a typical day, the average response was 1.5 hours. Meanwhile, 15% said they watch more than 3 hours of video on a typical day.

As this article demonstrates, people love watching and engaging with video online. Video also attracts more people compared to other forms of content and helps consumers make a meaningful connection with your brand.

“Videos promote brand awareness, improve online presence, humanize a brand, boost engagement, build trust, and can be inexpensive and easy to produce,” says Rialto Mobile Marketing. “But the ultimate benefit of video marketing for small businesses is creating sales.”

If you’re thinking video marketing is too expensive for your small businesses and too hard to get started, head over to Vidyard for six tips on creating budget-friendly—or even no budget—videos!

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