The Best 13 Articles That Will Increase Retail Sales

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 Quick Guide to Top Articles

 The Best Article On… Title
Better Class Management5 Tips That Will Get You More Class Signups
Better Inventory Management How to Find The Best Inventory Management Software For Your Business
Successful Websites4 Expert Tips To Take Your Website To the Top
Successful Websites: Homepages7 Easy Steps to Building the Best Homepage
Successful Websites: Product PagesHow-to Guide: Product Pages That Will Increase Sales
Increasing Traffic: SEO, Online TrafficStop Losing Traffic To These Mistakes
Increasing Traffic: Foot TrafficProven Strategies That Increase Foot Traffic
Increasing Traffic: Local Traffic9 Strategies That Will Get You More Local Traffic
Increasing Sales: Email MarketingHow To: Make More Money With Email Marketing
Increasing Sales: Text Message MarketingHow-To Guide: Make More Money With Text Message Marketing
Increasing Sales: Cart Abandonment8 Tricks That Will Get Customers To Complete Purchases
Increasing Sales: CouponsHow To Increase Revenue With Coupons
Competing With Large RetailersThe Surprising Truth Behind Competing With Amazon




5 Tips That Will Get You More Class Signups

Topic: Better Class ManagementRead Time: 4 min.
Sneak peek: After spending hours preparing a class schedule, finding qualified instructors, setting up prices, and organizing class materials, it’s always a disappointment when the turnout isn’t what you’d hoped for. So, what can you do to make your classes more appealing and increase registration?…



How to Find the Best Inventory Management Software For Your Business

Topic: Better Inventory ManagementRead Time: 4 min.
Sneak peek: While it may be tempting to purchase the James Bond edition that comes with lots of whistles and bells, it’s more important that you find an inventory management software that suits your distinct needs so you can use it year after year and get the most from your investment. Here are some of the essentials you’ll want to look for




4 Expert Tips To Take Your Website To the Top

Topic: Successful WebsitesRead Time: 6 min.
Sneak peek: If you want your website to function as a viable part of your business, you need to perform regular maintenance to ensure its effectiveness. Here’s how you keep your website running smoothly so it can effectively increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your business




7 Easy Steps To Building the Best Homepage

Topic: Successful Websites: HomepagesRead Time: 4 min.
Sneak peek: If your homepage is lame, no one is going to stay, let alone shop or purchase anything. No pressure. Luckily, there are several things you can easily do to ensure that customers stick around your website and buy several of your many awesome products





How-to Guide: Product Pages That Will Increase Sales

Topic: Successful Websites: Product PagesRead Time: 5 min.
Sneak peek: Why should you care about your product pages in your online store? Can’t you just throw up a photo and price and call it good? Not really. Today’s online marketplace is becoming ever-more competitive. So how do you stand out? With outstanding product pages. Better product pages will accomplish these three goals




Stop Losing Traffic to These Mistakes

Topic: Increasing Traffic: SEO, Online TrafficRead Time: 5 min.
Sneak peek: You’ve already broken your “no swearing rule” and you’re sorely tempted to throw in the towel because your website rarely sees a blip of traffic. According to Reliable Soft, there may be several reasons you can attribute this to, such as…




Proven Secrets That Increase Foot Traffic

Topic: Increasing Traffic: Foot TrafficRead Time: 5 min.
Sneak peek: What are you doing to get customers to notice your store? The Retail Doctor recently published an excellent article highlighting specific examples of retailers getting customers to notice their store. Every time, foot traffic increased and sales went up. So what tricks did these retailers use? They decided to do something out of the ordinary…




9 Strategies That Will Get You  More Local Traffic

Topic: Increasing Traffic: Local TrafficRead Time: 6 min.
Sneak peek: Are you still struggling with traditional marketing methods that cost you money but don’t deliver results? If so, read on to see why you should be tapping digital resources to promote your brand and get more customers knocking on your door…




How To: Make More Money With Email Marketing

Topic: Increasing Sales: Email MarketingRead Time: 6 min.
Sneak peek: While email isn’t the shiniest new thing in the marketing world, it still dominates in effectiveness and ROI. There’s a reason it’s been around for years. It works. People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers…




How-To Guide: Make More Money With Text-Message Marketing

Topic: Increasing Sales: Text Message MarketingRead Time: 4 min.
Sneak peek: “Nearly two-thirds of consumers subscribed to mobile marketing indicate that they have made a purchase as a result of receiving a highly relevant mobile message.” We’re going to break down how you can specifically use text message marketing to reach your customers and bring them into your store and through the checkout line, thereby making you more money.




8 Tricks That Will Get Customers To Complete Purchases

Topic: Increasing Sales: Cart AbandonmentRead Time: 7 min.
Sneak peek: In 2015, Business Insider estimated that approximately four trillion dollars worth of merchandise would be abandoned in online shopping carts during that year. Wordstream suggests the following 8 tactics (among others) in winning the battle against shopping cart abandonment to boost conversions and help you recover lost sales




How To Increase Revenue With Coupons

Topic: Increasing Sales: CouponsRead Time: 5 min.
Sneak peek: Indeed, in the last few years, coupons have made a name for themselves as highly effective sales tools for every type of business. As Vaucher points out, “Providing coupons to customers can lead to several benefits for business.” Let’s take a look at 4 ways coupons can increase your revenue and boost business growth




The Surprising Truth Behind Competing With Amazon

Topic: Competing With Large RetailersRead Time: 4 min.
Sneak peek: While it’s true that many brick-and-mortar stores have experienced a decline in sales as a result of E-commerce and many retailers continue to worry about the future of their businesses, Forbes assures retailers that their future remains strong and bright…

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