What Target Did That Retailers Can Learn From

“Turnarounds—however you define them—are hard,” says Retail Dive. “That’s especially true in retail, where tastes and the markets change quickly. If you are a retailer whose sales trends have turned negative, chances are your path back to greatness, or even stability, is steep.” While our constantly fluctuating market has sunk numerous retailers, turnarounds can be […]Continue reading

How NOT to Greet Your Customers

It’s time once again for one of my “What Not to Do” articles for retailers. This particular experience occurred at a local discount retailer. I guess discount retail also means “discount service” for that establishment. This is what happened… I arrived a few minutes before the store was supposed to open and patiently waited for […]Continue reading

Half of All Small Businesses Struggle With Improving This

If you were asked what you anticipate your greatest challenge related to managing your workforce will be in the next 6 to 12 months, what would your answer be? If you said “productivity”, you’re not alone. When over 300 small business owners were surveyed were asked the same question, at least 52% answered, “improving productivity and […]Continue reading