How to Make Sure Your Product Resonates With Customers

On route to an interview with Henry Ford in 1914, a surprised reporter noticed an aparrently carefree Ford driving down the street in the new touring car, windows down. The reporter later discovered that this was a common practice for Ford, who was often seen driving new car models around the streets of Detroit. The […]Continue reading

6 Ways Omnichannel Marketing Is a Foolproof Way To More Sales

Your customers aren’t spending time on just one channel, so why would you put all your marketing efforts into one? Today’s consumers spend time on multiple devices (phone, tablet, computer), and absorb marketing messages across different platforms (email, social media, blogs, advertising). Having an omnichannel marketing plan is simply the only way to be successful […]Continue reading

Are Your Customers Hung Up on Price? Here’s How to Turn Them Into Buyers!

Nothing’s more frustrating than knowing your customer can afford the product you’re helping them with but they aren’t budging because they’re too laser-focused on the price. According to Entrepreneur, what you need to keep in mind is that while your customer may be objecting to price, they’re most likely worried about other concerns, like the ones […]Continue reading

How-To Guide: Product Pages That Will Increase Sales

Why should you care about your product pages in your online store? Can’t you just throw up a photo and price and call it good? Not really. Today’s online marketplace is becoming ever-more competitive. So how do you stand out? With outstanding product pages. Better product pages will accomplish these three goals: Goal #1: Attract […]Continue reading