Increase Store Productivity & Profits by Copying This Retailer’s POS Success Story

“Managing a music store is supposed to be fun, ” says Miles Stewart, manager of two MusicianSupply stores in South Carolina. Unfortunately, inventory management is a time-consuming manual process, especially when products had to be transferred between their two locations. That was before they found Rain Retail Software, which streamlined their business processes with an integrated, […]Continue reading

How a POS System Can Streamline Class Management & Increase Revenue

You already know that having your website integrated with your POS system saves time by syncing your online store and brick and mortar shop. And because the all-inclusive software only uses one database, inventory items are automatically updated in the website and POS with each sales transaction entered. But can an integrated POS system streamline class […]Continue reading

What Best Buy Did To Drive 1 Million In-Store Visits & How Small Businesses Can Copy Their Success

National retail chains such as Best Buy have learned that mobile is a powerful force in the quest to draw customers in-store. The electronics retailer reallocated its broadcast budget to digital, where they could leverage the benefits of local inventory ads that showcase their products and store information to nearby shoppers searching on Google. By […]Continue reading

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a POS System

Modern cloud-based POS systems have made it easier than ever for businesses to sell products and services, as well as increase sales, manage day-to-day operations, and simplify inventory and ordering processes. “Despite the shift to tablets and the increase in available point-of-sale applications, which have simplified most aspects of the process,” says Insights, “many merchants often end up […]Continue reading