3 Business Practices That Never Go Out of Style

What would you say if we told you that a 100-year-old mouthpiece manufacturing business has remained successful year after year without adding a single new customer in 20 years? True story. Indiana-based J.J. Babbitt continues to run smoothly and profitably by doing what it does best, AND staying close to its customer base.  As you […]Continue reading

How to Create Powerful Customer Service Guidelines

Does your company should have a clear idea of the qualities that will define your customer service culture? These qualities will help you draft customer service guidelines so each person within your organization understands the importance of serving the customers consistently and with the same high level of service, regardless of their department or rank. […]Continue reading

5 Strategies of a Successful Music Store You Can Steal Today

In 2017, the Washington Post offered a grim view of the guitar market.  Music Trades magazine, however, tells a different story. The publication,’s Music Industry Census for 2018 reported the total guitar market unit volume grew 7% from 2016-2017 and in retail value 8.8%. Music Trades also recently revealed that guitar import volume—both acoustic and […]Continue reading

How to Make Your Music Store’s Website More User-friendly

In today’s fast-evolving digital world, users are more demanding than ever before when it comes to the design and functionality of the websites they visit. If your music store’s website is difficult to navigate, has a slow load time, or has a lot of broken links, you run the risk of losing traffic. With so […]Continue reading

How to Grow Your Music Business by Creating a Sense of Community

What do pancakes and Disney movies have to do with growing your music store business? Plum Grove Music, will tell you that their pancake socials (cleverly referred to as IPLUMM, a nod to IHOP) are all about building a sense of community for their music students. “ can completely set your business apart from every other […]Continue reading

How to Boost Your Music Store’s Revenue All Year Long

“Hosting an open house or monthly event is a great way to increase business all year long,” says Sarah Story of Symphony Supply in the September 2018 issue of Music Inc magazine. Fall, winter, spring, or summer, there are a wide variety of events you can host that will provide customers with an enjoyable, interactive experience and […]Continue reading

How to Increase Retail Sales in Your Music Store

Operating a music store can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools to help you manage your inventory. “Inventory control is vital to the survival of your business,” says Handshake. “If you don’t have a good handle on your inventory you’ll never have a true account for how your business is doing.” […]Continue reading