7 Brands That Absolutely Nailed Their Advertising Campaigns

Thanks to the numerous technological advances we have witnessed over the years, it is now getting harder and harder for businesses to stand out. The world has become more interconnected than ever before and organizations around the globe are constantly needing to rethink their advertising strategies to try and stay relevant.  Some companies are certainly […]Continue reading

Why it’s Time to Break Up with Customer Segmentation

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it still bears repeating: “Customers are expecting more than ever from their interactions with brands. Getting it right in this increasingly competitive age of retail can be make-or-break.” ~ Retail Dive According to Forrester Principal Analyst, Brandon Purcell, the days of traditional customer segmentation are over. The […]Continue reading

How to Make Sure Your Product Resonates With Customers

On route to an interview with Henry Ford in 1914, a surprised reporter noticed an aparrently carefree Ford driving down the street in the new touring car, windows down. The reporter later discovered that this was a common practice for Ford, who was often seen driving new car models around the streets of Detroit. The […]Continue reading

3 Best Practices for a Successful Rebrand

Branding defines who a company is and conveys a particular image and message to customers and consumers. “Your brand can influence your business reputation, your target audience’s decisions, and even the internal path your business takes,” says ThriveHive. Be that as it may, brands aren’t always permanent. Businesses may make changes to aspects of their […]Continue reading