5 Significant Ways AI is Changing the Retail Industry

From stock management to customer service, there are many ways that AI can benefit small businesses and e-commerce retailers. Unfortunately, many small business owners consider the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) a daunting challenge. According to an article found on Inc.: “It’s easy to dismiss AI as a complicated and slightly alien tool that can […]Continue reading

8 Reasons You Should Invest in a Cloud-based Point of Sale Today

Even with the increase in software resources available in our digital age, small businesses still aren’t reaping all the benefits technology has to offer. One of those technologies is the cloud-based POS, which can significantly improve business processes, save time, and increase revenue. But before we discuss all the benefits cloud POS systems can offer your […]Continue reading

3 Ways Your Small Business Can Deliver a Modern Retail Experience That Keeps Customers Happy

Gone are the days when optimizing for mobile users was an option.Today, most searches are made on mobile devices, so you need to adjust accordingly to provide customers with modern retail experiences. While it’s not enough to simply update your website to a mobile-friendly platform, it’s an essential step on your way to increasing revenue this […]Continue reading

How Optimizing Inventory Management Increases Profitability For Retail Stores

The amount of profit your business will achieve depends largely on how well you manage inventory, from the purchasing of inventory and inventory control to the shipping of goods and post-sales activities such as customer service and returns management. Inventory management can be your business’s competitive advantage and the key to financial gain.  Here are […]Continue reading

How This Small Retailer Increased Sales by 23%

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the secret to succeeding as a small business is to provide customers with an exceptional customer experience. It is the way to compete against giants like Amazon and one of the top things small businesses have going for them.   Just in case we want the numbers to […]Continue reading

What You Don’t Know About Inventory Can Hurt Your Cash Flow!

“Cash flow problems are some of the most common difficulties small businesses encounter,” says Entrepreneur, “and they are usually the first signs of serious financial trouble ahead. Tying money up in inventory can severely damage a small company’s cash flow.” That’s why it’s crucial to have a smart inventory management strategy in place to ensure […]Continue reading

Reduce Inventory Costs With These 7 Tips

Inventory is one of the largest investments and most substantial assets you’ll deal with as a retail business. That’s why it’s so important to have smart inventory management strategies in place to help you reduce costs and maximize your profits. As All Business points out, carrying excess inventory (which can be as high as 29% […]Continue reading