Can Retailers Make Enough Money With Just a Free Facebook Page?

Facebook has a huge audience. According to HootSuite, Facebook has  “2.13 billion monthly active users, to be exact. That’s more than a third of the entire population of the world.” Source: HootSuite Because Facebook has created such a large community, 1.4 billion of which are active on Facebook daily, many retailers have found it beneficial to invest […]Continue reading

How to Bring Customers Into The Store Using Facebook Live [For Free!]

Video helps customers feel a connection. Live video multiplies this feeling and opens up a world of possibilities. Thanks to Facebook, the ability to “go live” is available to everyone, most importantly to small business owners.  Last year,  Facebook created the functionality for users to “go live”.  Through your business Facebook page, you can connect […]Continue reading

Is Facebook Bad For Your Business?

“Unfortunately, the golden age of promoting your brand on Facebook has now passed, especially if you’re a small business owner.” Source: Clickx Why would a business with 38,000 fans kill their Facebook page? In the words of Copyblogger, “their presence on Facebook has not been beneficial for the brand or its audience.” It seems unlikely, when Facebook […]Continue reading

World Facebook Expert Shares 10 Secrets to Higher Engagement

” ‘Highly shareable’ means the content is relevant to your audience and compels people to share it. Your content should make people stop in their tracks…The content could be breaking news, educational, hilarious, entertaining, or something that’s not typically seen elsewhere. This is the type of content that will make your audience look good to […]Continue reading

How to Successfully Advertise Online Without Paying For It: Business Profiles

  When done properly, directories are a fantastic place to increase the reach your business has in the online world. They are trusted and utilized by customers. Google  tells us just how much,    To start, search for your business in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and see if there are any listings that come […]Continue reading

Where 6 Marketing Pros Share Their Secrets to Success

Do you want to know the secrets to making your business a success but aren’t sure where to look? Or who’s tips you can trust? After all, between social media and search engines, there are thousands of businesses and personalities claiming to know how to increase your sales, make your business better, and do it […]Continue reading