How Your Business Can Thrive During the COVID-19 Crisis

Just as major weather events can affect foot traffic on Mainstreet, health crises—such as the current COVID-19 pandemic—can throw a wrench in store sales.  That’s why the importance of flexibility in business simply can’t be overstated. It may mean making a change to your business model, leveraging innovative, value-added pricing strategies, or finding more creative […]Continue reading

Want to Drive More Traffic to your Website? Do this!

As a retailer, you no doubt recognize how huge e-commerce has become these days. And, while it may be difficult sometimes, e-commerce also comes with many advantages, making it an attractive and profitable sales channel for business owners. The more traffic you drive to your website—especially through organic search—the more opportunities you have to generate […]Continue reading

E-commerce Predictions To Be Aware of For The Coming Decade

Over the past decade, technology has continued to grow substantially and moving forward that doesn’t look set to change. Keeping up with these developments has been especially important for businesses in the e-commerce sector, as they strive to implement relevant tactics to stay ahead of the game and continue to generate revenue. As 2020 approaches, […]Continue reading

Why You Need to Retarget Now!

According to industry experts, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.53 percent. Even with this standard conversion rate, some top companies reach a rate of 5.31 percent and sometimes even higher. In order for you, as a small business or eCommerce store owner, to achieve similar results, retargeting is essential. This marketing method encourages […]Continue reading

5 Significant Ways AI is Changing the Retail Industry

From stock management to customer service, there are many ways that AI can benefit small businesses and e-commerce retailers. Unfortunately, many small business owners consider the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) a daunting challenge. According to an article found on Inc.: “It’s easy to dismiss AI as a complicated and slightly alien tool that can […]Continue reading