Small Businesses are Still Complacent About Fraud Risk

“Complacency remains one of the most dangerous behaviors among small business owners. And this makes businesses vulnerable to online fraud and other hacking activities.” That’s the word from Small Business Trends, which cites a report from Emailage revealing that 48% of small businesses in the US and Canada believe they’re not a big enough target […]Continue reading

Did You Know Your Office Printer is a Security Risk?

While organizations today are spending a great deal of money on network security, they seem to forget about a seemingly innocuous piece of office equipment they use every day…their printer. As Affinity Enterprises points out, printers are computers, and unsecured printers can put a business’s entire network at risk for cyber attacks. When malware is installed […]Continue reading

5 Ways You Can Make Your Online Shoppers Feel Safe

According to E-Commerce Times, approximately 145 million Americans (half the population of the United States) were affected by the recent data breach at Equifax. Unfortunately, incidents such as this are just a small portion of the many data breaches that continue to be reported. “Consumer confidence is at an all-time low,” says Paige Schaffer, COO of Generali Global […]Continue reading

Don’t Think Your Small Business Is a Cybersecurity Risk? Think Again!

It’s a commonly held theory that employees are the weak link in corporate cybersecurity. But what about small businesses? Surely cybercriminals aren’t as interested in them, are they? According to a June 2017 article on Business News Daily, small businesses are just as at risk for cyberattacks as larger companies. That’s the word from a report […]Continue reading

Here’s Why Cyber Security is So Vital to Your Business’s Online Success

From personal banking and business processes to government infrastructure, we live in an increasingly networked world where cyber security and trust are no longer optional. According to an article by White & Case, cyber crime costs the global economy over $400 billion per year. Well known retailers such as Target, TJ Max, and Home Depot are among […]Continue reading