How Your Business Can Thrive During the COVID-19 Crisis

Just as major weather events can affect foot traffic on Mainstreet, health crises—such as the current COVID-19 pandemic—can throw a wrench in store sales.  That’s why the importance of flexibility in business simply can’t be overstated. It may mean making a change to your business model, leveraging innovative, value-added pricing strategies, or finding more creative […]Continue reading

What Trends are Driving the Customer Experience in 2020?

Did you know that only 10% of consumers agree that most brands meet expectations for a good experience? Conversely, about 82% of marketers believe their brands are meeting customer expectations.  That being said, you’ve probably noticed the unique challenges your company faces in today’s experience economy. But you may not be entirely sure which existing business […]Continue reading

8 Tips That Really Work When Dealing with Difficult Customers

As a business owner or manager, you’ll deal with all types of customers in your lifetime. It’s inevitable that some of them will be difficult. For most people working with customers, this is the trickiest part of the job, but it’s unfortunately unavoidable. You’ve probably noticed that in today’s fast-paced digital world, customers expect so […]Continue reading

What Target Did That Retailers Can Learn From

“Turnarounds—however you define them—are hard,” says Retail Dive. “That’s especially true in retail, where tastes and the markets change quickly. If you are a retailer whose sales trends have turned negative, chances are your path back to greatness, or even stability, is steep.” While our constantly fluctuating market has sunk numerous retailers, turnarounds can be […]Continue reading

How NOT to Greet Your Customers

It’s time once again for one of my “What Not to Do” articles for retailers. This particular experience occurred at a local discount retailer. I guess discount retail also means “discount service” for that establishment. This is what happened… I arrived a few minutes before the store was supposed to open and patiently waited for […]Continue reading

3 Best Practices for a Successful Rebrand

Branding defines who a company is and conveys a particular image and message to customers and consumers. “Your brand can influence your business reputation, your target audience’s decisions, and even the internal path your business takes,” says ThriveHive. Be that as it may, brands aren’t always permanent. Businesses may make changes to aspects of their […]Continue reading

Slashing Prices Isn’t the Answer to Acquiring More Customers. THIS Is!

“The Pearle Vision Center offers great service and has quality products.” The above quote, recently found on Google, reflects a business that is profoundly focused on customer care. But that wasn’t always the case. Although the Pearle Vision eye care chain has been around since 1961, somewhere along the way, the company lost it’s vision, relying heavily […]Continue reading