7 Brands That Absolutely Nailed Their Advertising Campaigns

Thanks to the numerous technological advances we have witnessed over the years, it is now getting harder and harder for businesses to stand out. The world has become more interconnected than ever before and organizations around the globe are constantly needing to rethink their advertising strategies to try and stay relevant.  Some companies are certainly […]Continue reading

What to Do if Your Website Engagement Stinks

“One of the hardest tasks in content marketing and blogging is to keep your readers engaged when reading your content,” points out an article on the Jeff Bullas blog. When engagement is absent, dwell time on your site dwindles and bounce rates escalate, drawing away your sales in the process. Fortunately, there are ways to […]Continue reading

How to Use Color to Supercharge Your Marketing

As you know, marketing is literally everywhere, from our social media accounts and Google search pages to our email inboxes. That doesn’t even include all the offline advertisements we’re exposed to. Kind of makes you wonder how you can get your own content to stand out from the marketing noise constantly demanding our attention, doesn’t […]Continue reading

4 Ways to Boost Your SEO Rankings with Content Marketing

While it may seem like SEO and content marketing are two different animals, they’re actually very closely connected. Without keyword optimization, for example, your content would remain invisible. On the other hand, high-quality content helps you implement your search phrases organically. Above all, they have the same goal – to increase your site’s exposure in […]Continue reading

Why are Customer Reviews the New Content Marketing?

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers for a minute, and try to envision their buying process… When choosing a store to shop at, what will make them select yours over the many other similar options available? Beyond price, location, product, service, etc., what do you think they will ultimately care about most? Letting […]Continue reading

How to Use Digital Products to Attract New Customers

Digital products can be a valuable tool for any marketer or business owner looking to attract new leads. The idea is simple: you create a valuable, free digital resource that’s available to anyone who visits your site (i.e. potential customers). This digital product showcases your expertise as a business and benefits your target audience by […]Continue reading

How to Solve 3 Common Content Problems With 2 Blogging Tips

As you know, blogging for business has become an essential component of every marketing strategy. And if you’re on the team tasked with creating material for your company’s blog, then you also know that producing content can sometimes be challenging when you’re dealing with length, topic, and engagement. Fortunately, these 3 content problems can be resolved […]Continue reading