Don’t Miss Out on the Benefits of Hosting Classes at Your Retail Store

Social Media. Digital Technology. Amazon. We don’t have to tell you what it’s like trying to maintain a profitable business in today’s retail landscape. Every day you deal with the pressure to come up with innovative ways to drive foot traffic and increase sales. According to LS Retail, “Positive and memorable in-store experiences have been […]Continue reading

6 Strategies for Promoting your Classes in 2019

You teach a great fitness class, but the attendance is disappointing. What’s up with that? According to Eventbrite, your promotional strategy could be to blame. Whether you teach a personal finance class or an extreme weight loss workshop, your marketing must effectively convey its value. If it doesn’t,  people may be swayed to take a […]Continue reading

The 7 Best Ways to Create A Hugely Successful Craft Class

Today’s consumer is all about the experience. To successfully reach consumers, you need to provide a worthwhile experience. And if you want consumers to know that you provide a worthwhile experience, you need to know how to market it. “The stores that are succeeding now are focusing more on classes for customers and education on […]Continue reading

7 Effective Ways to Promote Your Classes

“Your class may teach an invaluable skill,” says event technology platform, Evenbrite, “but does your marketing effectively prove its value? If your attendance is slacking, a lackluster promotional strategy is likely to blame.” There is tough competition for educational events these days, with endless options for venues where people can take in-person classes, as well […]Continue reading

11 Amazingly Effective Secrets That Will Get More People to Sign Up For Your Classes & Events

Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to classes, workshops, and events to attend. As a retailer, how do you make your event stand out in the crowd and persuade people to actually sign up for the learning opportunities you offer? We found some great tips on Hubspot that will help you promote […]Continue reading

Class, Workshop & Seminar Emergency Guide: What to Do if No One Is Signing Up

Offering in store or on campus classes, workshops, and seminars allows your business to build more personal connections with your customers and clients. But sometimes, despite your riveting topic, the benefits of participating in your program, the reasonable price, and your advertising efforts, people just don’t sign up the way you expected them to. So […]Continue reading

How a POS System Can Streamline Class Management & Increase Revenue

You already know that having your website integrated with your POS system saves time by syncing your online store and brick and mortar shop. And because the all-inclusive software only uses one database, inventory items are automatically updated in the website and POS with each sales transaction entered. But can an integrated POS system streamline class […]Continue reading

22 Tips For Filling Every Class This Year

What are the benefits of holding classes? Why would you want to go to the extra effort? You probably already know this. You establish your store as an authority in the industry. You increase your customer interaction which increases customer loyalty, and most importantly, you get customers in the store. We know that you have […]Continue reading

5 Tips That Will Get You More Class Signups

After spending hours preparing a class schedule, finding qualified instructors, setting up prices, and organizing class materials, it’s always a disappointment when the turnout isn’t what you’d hoped for. So, what can you do to make your classes more appealing and increase registration? Tip #1: Create Classes with Your Students’ Interests in Mind     […]Continue reading