5 Social Media Content Tips for Your Boutique

“Interacting with consumers on social media is an important marketing strategy for small businesses,” says Duct Tape Marketing. Why? Because using social media helps you to: A) Build brand awareness B) Attract more customers C) Connect and engage with current customers Fortunately for small businesses, social media success doesn’t depend on how many followers they […]Continue reading

How to Attract Customers to Your Boutique When Business is Slow

From bad weather and road construction to seasonal sales dips, it’s inevitable that your boutique will experience a slump in sales and foot traffic at some point during the year. Slowdowns cause a shortage of cash, so it’s a good idea to have a strategy in place for times when shoppers are few and far […]Continue reading

10 Ways to Improve Sales in Your Boutique

According to a 2016 Gallup poll, small business owners asked about the biggest financial challenges they face were most concerned with attracting customers and drumming up new business. If you’re a boutique owner, we’re guessing you’ve spent a fair amount of time worrying about that too. So here are 10 ideas you can use to increase […]Continue reading

8 Reasons Your Boutique Should be Marketing on Pinterest

“No matter what size retailer you are, big or small, Pinterest is one of the best platforms you can invest in to get your products to potential customers,” says B2C. In fact, Pinners spend 29% more on retail than those who don’t use Pinterest. Furthermore, these Pinners are 39% more likely to be active retail shoppers. Interestingly, 90% of […]Continue reading