Social Marketing: 4 Major Trends in 2021

Instead of complaining about the algorithm updates on social media, smart businesses use current social marketing trends to stay on top. Here are the top 4 trends that can help you grow big in 2021, with a bonus secret at the end.

Social media is updating itself every day, be it in terms of features or algorithms. Despite so many marketers complaining about the decreasing response of the audience on various mediums, removing a social marketing strategy today would not be wise. Instead of complaining, intelligent marketers use current trends to grow more and stay on top of their game. If you want to be one of them, here are the four main trends on social media of 2021 that you not just need to keep both of your eyes on but plan to leverage the most.


The #1 Social Marketing Trend 2021: Live + Stories

Live sessions on and off stories have been on the rise, especially since the lockdowns for the pandemic started. Hence, it is a must for social marketing this year. Even though it has been there before, it became a rage post lockdowns. People, brands, and celebrities started using the feature to call their friends with an audience. Connection with the audience grew because it gave them a glimpse of the lives they craved to know. While the followers marveled at the opportunity, it became an excellent social marketing trick for the businesses and personalities to gather more engagement.

New features involving filters and Augmented Reality keep influencing the latest social marketing trends. Also, it is entertaining, easy to produce, and is an excellent way to reach a newer audience. Ever since the lockdowns, the rate of creating stories has increased with manifolds and will remain so this year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.


The #2 Social Marketing Trend 2021: Marketing For A Cause

People in the world today are sensitive, and they want to help communities. The best social marketing approach in 2021 comes with a cause. It is great to see the shift towards compassion and how people are looking forward with more kindness. Pay attention to the current expectations of your consumers. Audiences expect businesses to support a cause and circulate the money to touch as many lives as possible. 

The trends in 2021 show that social marketing principles are changing rapidly. Your brand voice can be the ultimate showstopper for you. Plan accordingly. Surveys on different platforms revealed that people feel positive and invest emotionally when they see that their purchase has the power to make a change. You can sell for a cause, or document your kind activities, showing the buyers that they are the ones empowering your brand to show kindness. Also, understand, most people today are showing kindness on social marketing content, including your competitors. Acting up is necessary before the consumers shift for a cause.


The #3 Social Marketing Trend 2021: Inclusive Branding

As a business or a brand, you need to show inclusiveness now more than ever through your social marketing. Race, shape, and sexuality are the trending topics. People are taking offense when their favorite brands are showing passiveness on issues that they care about now. Businesses today need to understand that consumers want to connect with brands and people who share their mindsets through social marketing. Playing diplomatic and staying silent on the current issue does not fit well with followers anymore. They take silence as disagreement now. You cannot just randomly create social marketing campaigns without putting thought on the faces and body. 

The best social marketing examples involve brands whose social marketing content feeds show diversity. Include models of all races, body sizes, and sexualities to show your take on the importance of being inclusive. Whatever be your service or product, your take on the three sensitive issues would make a change in the way your audience perceives you.


The #4 Social Marketing Trend 2021: Transparency

There was a time when people would feel so privileged to visit the manufacturing sites of a big brand. Then came a time when stories of unhygienic production conditions and employee abuse started making rounds. With digital media playing an important role, one small opinion by an ex-employee or a consumer about your service can change your brand image and client preferences completely. It is the very reason why the trending social marketing concept requires you to show transparency. The best social marketing calendar involves some behind the scenes looks that reveal your workspace, work culture, production, employees, packaging, and everything else.

One of the most important social marketing benefits of maintaining transparency with your consumers is trust and loyalty. Sharing BTS in stories, posts, reels, and even written content impresses your audience and doesn’t go to waste.


Final Thoughts

Social marketing online is not an easy task and hence requires proper planning with a calendar. The trends appear and disappear so fast that you always need to be at the top of your game, tap opportunities, and make the most out of them. Because you have come so far, here is a bonus social marketing trend for you. Podcasts are growing and showing a lot of potential for businesses, not just in the current times but also for the future. Marketers believe it is gold and hence, needs inclusion in your social marketing plan. Which one trend in specific do you think will be the game-changer for social marketing this year?

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