Simple Ideas for Creating an Effective Ad

4 Strategies for Creating an Effective Ad

Ads can make or break a business in today’s competitive environment. Without them, people may not recognize your brand. If the marketing is second-rate or insensitive, they will, but for all the wrong reasons.

Advertisement campaigns are complicated processes with many moving parts. As a business owner, you’ll have to do a lot of research to make yours hit the mark. 

Let’s examine some strategies that simplify the task by giving you the right starting point. 

Emphasize Uniqueness

People see ads all the time. They’re likely to run into ten company pitches in a single scrolling session. So, how do you make your business stand out in such a landscape? You focus on what makes you different. 

This feature is known as the unique selling proposition in marketing circles. In essence, it tells the viewers that you’re offering something that no other company has. 

Coming up with your USP might feel discouraging or overwhelming at first. There are twenty other businesses in the area providing essentially the same services – how can you appear distinctive? 

If you fall into this thought spiral, remember that a weak proposition beats no USP. 

It can be as simple as using scented candles in your salon or carpooling food delivery. Make that factor the center point and build upon it by considering what difference this aspect makes for the buyer. 

Employ Video Marketing

Once you figure out the foundation of your content, it’s time to think about the medium. Visuals are a go-to for making the ad pop, but you can take it one step further. Videos are way more attention-grabbing and shareable than pictures. 

If you’re not feeling artistic, start with pre-made formats. You’ll find endless free ad templates that are creative in themselves, and you can add your spin to them when you have the basics down. 

The following guidelines can help:

  • Mix up your platforms. The more people see your content, the more potential conversions you get. 
  • Play around with video length. Various durations work best on different platforms. Once you feel confident enough, start posting diversified ads across social media profiles. 
  • Add a hook. The first few seconds determine whether a person watches the rest of the ad. Make these moments count. 
  • Tell a story. You don’t want to create a documentary, but turning your ad into a cohesive narrative makes it ten times more memorable.

Your initial attempts might end up clumsy, but involving steps for video marketing really works. You’ll increase the necessary skills with practice and start producing slick, polished content. 

Make the Offer Irresistible 

Another way to make yourself different from the competition is by spicing up your offer. People love bargains, and time-limited or product-limited promotions always spark their competitive spirit. For example:

  • A free trial for the first 100 customers
  • Free shipping for the new, unique product
  • Limited bundled packages
  • Discounts on services next month only

You may be thinking – wait, doesn’t every business do this? You have a point, but creating a sense of urgency can push customers towards taking advantage of the offer before it’s too late. 

Remember that these promotions are an investment. You might get hesitant, but these tend to end up paying for themselves in the long-run. The customer will receive your product, discover the value you bring, and come back for more.

Take Advantage of Testimonials

Studies and reports show a sharp decline in brand trust. Buyers believe companies’ promises less than ever before. That’s all the more reason they rely on other customers to tell them which businesses are worth their time and money. 

You can benefit from this tendency by showing viewers that you warrant trust. Host satisfied customers in your video ads and attach testimonials to each product advertisement. Be transparent while publishing reviews, though. 

You might cringe at the idea of discussing an issue somebody had with your company, especially if it caused some drama. However, disclosing everything that happened and how you improved moving forward can skyrocket your transparency and likeability. 

Of course, any savvy consumer will look at other places for reviews, too, intuiting that you’re likely to discuss only the ones that positively reflect on the brand. Still, seeing this information first-hand can make people feel much more comfortable with purchasing from your company.

Key Takeaways

Finally, don’t see this short set of tips as the ultimate guide for your advertising efforts. The brand image will solidify with time, and marketing will start making much more sense. 

These strategies are an excellent place to start, though. Whether you’re a startup yet to grow a user base or a company with a long history and diminishing customer satisfaction, these can do wonders for keeping people coming back to your brand.

Wendy Dessler is a super-connector who helps businesses and she frequently writes about the latest advancements in HR, digital marketing and tech.

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