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Since we’ve started our blog, we’ve written articles on topics that you as retailers need to know. We’ve covered topics like improving sales, product promotion, email marketing, SEO, social media, websites, and more.

Now we’ve taken our ten best articles and put them all in one place.

Without further ado, let the countdown begin!


Top Article #10








Here’s How to Make Sure Your Business Will Always Be In Demand

customer experience, retail best practices |  3 minute read

Staying relevant in today’s shopping arena is vital for small business owners. This article tells you exactly what you need to do to keep your business in demand. 


Top Article #9








How to Keep Customers in Your Store Longer to Increase Sales

customer experience, improving sales |  4 minute read

The more time customers spend in your store, the more money they spend. So how do you convince them to use their precious time in your shop? We tell you 5 strategies you can implement in your store to keep customers there longer so they spend more.


Top Article #8








The One Thing That Will Guarantee Customer Retention & Financial Success

retail best practices, small business |  6 minute read

We all want to know the secret to life. Or at least the secret to succeeding in business. So what is it? Read the article and learn how you can take your business to the next level.


Top Article #7







Read This If You Want to Increase Foot Traffic

driving foot traffic, cloud pos software |  3 minute read

When you own a brick and mortar shop, driving foot traffic is essential. But what’s the best way to do it? Read to learn what you can do to bring traffic to your shop.


Top Article #6







Class, Workshop & Seminar Emergency Guide: What to Do if No One Is Signing Up

class promotion tips | 5 minute read

Classes are a great way to get customers into your store where they can purchase your great products. Classes also show the community that you do more than sell great products. But what if no one is coming to your awesome classes? Then what? Learn what to do in this guide.


Top Article #5







4 Reasons You’re Losing Customers (And How You Can Lure Them Back)

customer success, marketing, product promotion | 7 minute read

You value your customers and want to make sure they continue shopping with you. This article gives you four problem-and-solution setups that teach you what you can do to make sure you aren’t inadvertently driving customers away, but that you are encouraging them to come back again and again. 


Top Article #4







4 Things You Can Do Today To Increase Sales

customer success, marketing, product promotion | 4 minute read

Do you want to increase sales right now? This article gives you 4 tactics that you can put in place today to see a difference in sales.


Top Article #3







The 6 Common Website Flaws Customers Complain About Most

customer experience, website | 3 minute read

Your expertise is in your business. Which means you may not have as much time as you’d like to research what online shoppers like to see on a website. We’ve done the work for you. Read this to find out how to bring in more sales through your website. 


Top Article #2







How To Convince Customers to Buy Your Products

customer experience, marketing, retail best practices | 2 minute read

If you have customers, you need to read this article. (If you don’t have customers, you definitely need to read this article.) You need to know what you can do to get those customers through the checkout.


Top Article #1







The Most Effective Point of Sale Will Do These Three Things

inventory management software | 6 minute read

This article is a must-read for all business owners. Inventory management has become a huge challenge for many retailers today. This article explains how you as a retailer can find a point of sale that gives you exactly what you need to not only manage inventory, but to sell even more of it.

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Holly Wade is a lover of words and marketing. She can’t read great writing without smiling, and she can’t watch a commercial without analyzing its success as marketing content. She gets a little carried away every time she goes to the library, and she always sides with using the Oxford comma. She loves writing articles that help small retail businesses find success.