Most Effective Ways to Market Yourself as an Employer

According to Ladders, “Hiring today is very different than it was just 10 years ago.” 

This is largely due to the fact that we live in a candidate-driven market where job hunter expectations have a bigger impact on what hiring managers have to consider. 

The modern job candidate/employee is not shy about moving on to something bigger and better, including better pay and a more flexible schedule.

As a result, companies across the nation are stuggling to find—and retain—reliable and talented workers because of the sheer number of competitors and the vast number of opportunities that arise each day for the prospective job-seeker. 

That’s why we’ve rounded up 5 of the most effective ways to market yourself as an employer. Check them out below:

1. Build an Amazing Employer Brand

The time of faceless corporations is long gone. These days, people want to work for a company that has an online and offline presence, a company that is active on social media, and a business that has a truly inspirational brand identity that sets it apart from all other businesses in the industry. Employees want to be a part of a brand’s family—they want to belong.

“Positive employer branding helps to attract and retain quality employees, who are crucial to the success and growth of the business,” says EveryoneSocial.

Too often, companies focus on their consumer-facing brand (how the company is perceived by customers and prospects), neglecting their employer brand.

“Employer branding is the business identity of your company. It’s what makes your company unique or stand out to candidates who are looking for jobs . . . it also helps your recruiting team attract and improve the talent pool of applicants as well. By not working on your employer branding, your company can quickly sabotage the hiring efforts and make it more difficult to hire the best talent.”

~ EveryoneSocial

This is why it’s important for employers to define their brand’s values, build their online presence, and create a unique tone of voice that will appeal to their ideal employee. 

2. Use Podcasts to Attract Qualified Job Candidates

Several years ago, Edmonton, Canada’s city government was struggling to find qualified job candidates with traditional-style job postings, so they started experimenting with podcasts. The organization created short recordings—featuring hiring managers—that gave candidates immediate insight into what the job and culture were like.

The Edmonton government found recording a podcast to be quick, easy, and cheap. The audio put the hiring managers at ease, and it was easy to edit if anyone flubbed their lines. More importantly, the quality of candidates went up. After listening to the job’s podcast, candidates had a clearer idea if the role was a good fit for them, without having to read a lot of text first.

This meant that unqualified candidates were less likely to apply, while the interest of qualified candidates was immediately piqued.

Podcasts are an amazingly effective way to build brand authority and visibility, and capture the attention of qualified employees.

3. Leverage Existing Employees

Of all the strategies available to attract top talent, activating one’s employees should top the list because they are an organization’s most valuable asset in convincing candidates to consider joining their organization.

To improve its brand visibility and appeal to the modern job-seeker, PostcardMania enlisted loyal employees to post positive reviews about the company and culture, helping to inspire potential employees to get in touch and find out what the business is all about first-hand.

Employer branding advocacy tools (sometimes called employee advocacy tools becausee they increase employee engagement, too) can help motivate employees to spread the word by making it easy for them to do so and even rewarding them for their efforts.

“Once you decide to leverage your most valuable recruitment marketers—your employees—implementing an employee advocacy tool can help you engage and activate your champions and track how the reach of your employer brand grows.”

~ Rally

4. Tap Social Media For Top Talent

“We’ve reached the point now where social recruiting isn’t just a novelty—it’s a must-have for any successful recruiting strategy,” says Betterteam.

The company describes social recruiting (also known as social hiring and social media recruitment) as “a method of using social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to advertise jobs, find talent, and communicate with potential recruits about company culture.”

Betterteam reveals that 94% of professional recruiters network on social media, using it to post jobs to a substantial community. More importantly, though, 59% of employees reported that a company’s social media presence was part of the reason they chose their workplace.

Social media provides businesses of all sizes with the opportunity to put their brand in front of the right audience with paid ads and regular content updates, as well as engaging potential employees in meaningful conversation by posting and commenting on relevant topics in community forums.

5. Promote Company Culture

Company culture is imperative in attracting talent because it’s a huge piece in the “quality hire” puzzle.

Not only do quality hires affect an organization’s bottom line (retention rates, higher performance), but they also impact the “flavor” of how a company’s service or product is created and delivered, suggests ZipRecruiter.

“You want employees who are like-minded with the values and best practices by which your company wants to be identified. Having a candidate attraction strategy that speaks to your company culture will increase the likeliness of attracting and engaging talent who will thrive and stay with you longer.” ~ ZipRecruiter

People are no longer going to work at a company just to earn a paycheck, they want to do something truly worthwhile, to advance their career, to socialize with their colleagues, and simply enjoy life.

Employers should strive to provide this type of experience to employees through a thriving company culture built on the pillars of equality, co-dependence, trust, corporate guidance and support. Then they should broadcast a message about how rewarding it is to be a part of their brand!

Wrapping up

In an increasingly competitive hiring landscape, employers can’t rely on luck to steer great employees their way.

“Leading companies who desire to be better think creatively and differentiate themselves from the status quo…the same goes for their recruitment efforts,” advises digital recruitment specialist, Salt.

Proactive recruiting allows employers to identify, engage and build relationships with qualified job candidates before the need arises.

The 5 methods discussed above are some of the most effective ways for employers to market themselves to potential quality hires. 

**This article was contributed by our friends over at Technivorz.

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