If You’re Only Optimizing for Google, You’re Making a Mistake!

Back in the day, websites were mainly optimized to rank well for the king of all search engines: Google. But modern search engine optimization has matured and expanded beyond organic search, backlinks, and keyword ranking. Today, SEO professionals need to adopt a multi-channel approach like MarketingTech Blog who recognizes “how the ecosystem of digital mediums all support one another.”

So, if you’re placing all their eggs in the Google search basket alone, you may miss out on optimization opportunities from alternate sources that can increase brand awareness online and drive traffic to your site.

As Entrepreneur points out, “every platform is a chance for you to increase your site’s visibility and drive people to your content, products and services.” These platforms include business directories like Yelp and Reddit, along with social-media sites like LinkedIn.

While Google remains the most-used search engine on the Internet, “the truth is that SEOs need to investigate other strategies for generating traffic which don’t rely purely on Google,” says Moz.

Moz founder, Rand Fishkin, talked with Entrepreneur about the importance of experimenting and finding where your content will resonate the most with readers. You can watch the video here.

Want to know how you can become better at SEO?  MarketingTech Blog suggests revewing the following infographic from Jomer, which covers all of the essential components of modern search engine optimization.

2016 SEO Strategies

Source: Digital Marketing Philippines

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