How Video Marketing Increases Conversion Rates

Video marketing can be an excellent tool for increasing conversion rates. In fact, after watching a video about a product, consumers had a 64% higher chance of buying it online. That’s not a number any marketing professional should ignore. Here are a few strategies related to video marketing so you can generate higher conversion rates for your business.


How does online video convert so well?

In general, people favor watching videos over reading. Everything from instructional how-to’s to classical advertisements can send viewers into shopping for products and services. With that said, just sticking a product video on YouTube and calling it a day won’t be as effective. Businesses should think creatively and tell stories in ways that improve the consumers’ wants or needs. 


Tips To Create Online Videos That Convert

There is no perfect answer when it comes to creating videos that work. Each company will have a unique and different audience. Here are some popular and proven practices that could help bring your conversion rates even higher. 


#1 Videos Should Be Mobile-Friendly

Video and increased mobile revenue go together. About 2 billion people worldwide in 2019 made purchases using a mobile device, and 95% of shoppers researched from their smartphones before visiting physical locations. If you’re going to share a video to the widest possible audience, the content needs to be compatible with all devices.


#2 Use Stories

When developing a video, consider using the power of stories. Stories based on data utilize the information you have collected and analyzed to create a narrative that speaks directly to your target market. This will help make sure that your videos are relatable to the intended audience and increase their emotional connection to your brand. Customer- led stories are based on customers sharing their experiences with your products and how it helped them. People trust positive video testimonials, which also helps new customers trust your company’s reputation. Consider also using social responsibility in your video. Consumers are searching for businesses that utilize ethical practices and engages in philanthropic causes and community engagement. Video marketing is a great way to showcase those efforts.


#3 Show Products From Various Angles

Show how the product works, how it can be assembled, and what benefits it can bring to the potential buyer. The more people that are able to interact with your products, the more likely they are to visualize how the product might be used in their life.


#4 Incorporate a Call to Action

Written or visual advertising needs to have a call to action. Make sure to create a genuine, engaging call to action, not one that simply says “Purchase Here.”


When it comes to converting potential customers, video marketing can go a long way. All it takes is a little creativity, making sure you have the right equipment, and a great marketing team. For more tips about video marketing, check out the infographic below.



John Jung is CFO & Vice President of Strategy of Banner. Jung is an accomplished leader in finance and strategy with more than a decade of experience in tech, media and entertainment. He works with brands on content strategy, providing data-driven support for decision-making on creative and platform. Jung graduated with a JD/MBA from Stanford University.

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