How to Win Back Your Mobile App Customers

When a once loyal user chooses to leave your mobile app, you might think that they’re gone for good. There’s nothing else you can do right? You stand there, waving goodbye to them as they turn their back to you. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You can’t expect all your mobile users to stay. On average, a mobile app will lose 77% of its daily active users (DAU) within the first 3 days after installation. And as time goes on, that rate rises. It increases to 90% within the first month and over 95% after three months.

So if you really want to learn how to get your customers back, you must follow this key guideline.

Push But Don’t Be Pushy

Show them that you’re there for them, but respect their space. You can maintain communication with them through push notifications, SMS, and emails. But don’t overwhelm them with too many messages across too many channels. This will drive your users away.

Ways to Win Them Back

1. Make a Proposal

Incentivize your former users with an offer they can’t refuse. You’ll lead them back to your app if you’re successful at recapturing their attention. Perhaps you can target points that led them to download your app in the first place.

2. Request Feedback

Show them that you’re open to feedback and want the best service for them. Requesting feedback signals to your former users that you want to listen to them because most companies just view their prospects as another number.

So adopt this practice and stand out from the crowd. Once they tell you why they’ve left, though, you must take action and show them (and others) that you will do what it takes to improve.

3. Send a Personalized Note

Before they take off and decide to leave your app for good, craft an individual message for them showing that you care. Let each user know that they’re important to you, as individuals.

Real-World Example

In the summer of  2016, Pokemon Go broke app download records with a staggering 800 million downloads. Of those 800 million, today only 5 million (although still an impressive number) are still monthly active users.

To win back its users, the game employs a variety of push notifications to keep daily users coming back. With this strategy, once dormant users find themselves re-engaging with the app.

Learn More

For more tips on how you can craft a superb strategy to win back your former users, follow this handy infographic from CleverTap. You’ll learn about tips like how to use RFM analysis to your advantage. Additionally, you’ll be able to see how some well-known companies use these same strategies for their own success.

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