How to Use Video to Build Consumer Trust in Your eCommerce Company

Videos have become a staple of modern marketing campaigns, and these days brands leverage their widespread appeal to reach out and get the attention of their target audiences

But in terms of marketing, getting people’s attention is only step one. What matters most is gaining their trust!

We often associate three major characteristics with trustworthy people: they are usually competent, knowledgeable, and empathetic. And an effective marketing campaign will often feature videos that showcase these characteristics.

These can range from live streams of a product’s launch or Q&A’s, to behind-the-scenes or “sneak peek” videos. Some companies hire celebrities or well-respected professionals to endorse their products, while others seek the assistance of studios that specialize in making these types of videos.

So, in this piece, we go over several styles of marketing videos intended to foster your audience’s trust and how you can use them to improve your eCommerce Company’s image.

Let’s get to it!


Brand / “Spot” Videos

These types of videos are the ones that come closest to a traditional ad in both form and content. They simply aim to present a brand or product. Because of this, they are extremely versatile, being able to fit the format of almost any platform. They can work on Youtube or Instagram, for example, and since their main goal is to present your brand, you’ll have few creative constraints beyond just having to be engaging from the get-go!

Of course, being engaging is important no matter what type of video you are creating, but with spot videos being engaging and doing it fast is paramount! Platforms like YouTube allow users to skip an ad after 5 seconds, so that’s about the amount of time you have to convince people to stick around to watch the rest of the piece!

Spot videos are great to get your foot in the door, providing you with a chance to be heard. So use it wisely!

Tackle your target audience’s concerns and quickly present your solution in an enticing way. Whether you choose to focus on the ease of implementation, the highly qualified, professional expertise behind your product, or the creative, innovative side of it, it’s up to you! 

Just keep in mind what your customers want, what worries, and what motivates them. Remember: empathy begins with you!




Explainers are a very popular style of educational video. They are short pieces, most often done via animation – although they can be live-action as well. Just like their name implies, they revolve around conveying a particular subject, topic, or message, in a way that is fun, engaging, and straight-to-the-point.

With explainers, you start off on the right foot by directly addressing your public’s concerns and doubts and can then proceed to guide them to your brand’s particular solution.

Companies in the IT, healthcare, and financial sector, for example, often use the format to help people understand the particulars of their niche, product, or service right before moving on to why their clients might benefit from it.

Some companies use explainers to show potential clients how to operate their particular solution (if it’s a piece of equipment or software), or tackle a subject related to their business. 

These types of pieces work great because they not only help new users by providing valuable information but also offer an opportunity to demonstrate some of the best features of your product or service (ease-of-use, an intuitive GUI, etc.)



Video Reviews, Commentary, and Analysis


It is very common for a lot of brands to see their products or services link to those of other companies. Retail companies are often an obvious example of this, but we can also see instances of this happening through professionals who work as service providers in a particular field. 

Finance consultants are often asked to comment on stock market websites; musicians make recommendations for instruments and other musical gear; IT companies often review different brands of software to aid their clients in choosing what is most suited to their needs.

So, as you see, review videos can be a great opportunity to show you are willing to help your customers, even if it implies not talking about your own work! 

And, since you’re commenting on a third party’s products, you will probably reach a new crowd that perhaps wasn’t aware of your brand’s existence in the first place but had a chance to find out about you when searching the internet for info on somebody else’s product. 

If you proved yourself useful to them and a reliable source of accurate information, they’ll be sure to refer to you in the future – earning you a spot as a trustworthy source.



Also known as “How to…?” videos, these types of marketing videos offer a great chance to show your competence and expertise on a particular subject. At the same time, they allow you to show you empathize with your audience’s concerns by offering them a helping hand through your content.

The aesthetic choices you make can be a great way to further establish your brand’s image. Will you employ a casual, neighborly tone or a more serious, professorial one? Will you employ visual aids such as cartoonish animations or charts and diagrams?

The possibilities are endless, and the choices you make will depend both on the message you want to get across, as well as the subject you’re covering through your content. If you are dealing with medical concerns, for example, a humorous tone will not be well received. A more comforting, reassuring demeanor will probably work best. 

Make sure that form and content are always in harmony!


Customer Testimonials

We are all social animals, and, as such, it’s in our nature to rely on other people for advice. 

While we may take a company’s word when they assert the quality of their work, nothing will ever seem as reliable as hearing the opinions of a neutral third party. After all, they have nothing to gain from backing a company up, and hearing a happy, satisfied customer vouch for a brand is sometimes all we need before choosing to engage with a particular brand or personality.

Share videos of customers describing their own experiences. Have them tell their stories of how you assisted them, or how your product made their lives easier, or what feature they liked the most.

Just like with live streams, customer testimonies also showcase the community that is built around your brand and will make newcomers feel like part of a larger whole when connecting with your company.



Behind the Scenes

Showing your audience what goes on behind the curtain is a wonderful way to create a deeper bond between them and your brand. These sorts of videos can work in multiple setups: you could walk people through the production process of one of your products and at the same time show how much care, knowledge, and quality goes into it. 

You could build intimacy with your public by introducing them to your work team, showing the faces that lie behind the brand. Or you could gain the audience’s empathy by laughing at your own imperfections, sharing footage of when things go wrong – think of blooper reels and just how popular they are with fans!

Again, the only limit is your imagination! Take it as a chance to show some interesting aspects of your work that may go unnoticed by the general public.




Live Streams

Live streams can be carried out on various platforms nowadays. Their style and content can vary enormously! They can range from prepared talks and interviews to a Q&A with your audience, a performance, etc. In this age where most content online is available to the user at any time he or she wants, live streams represent a comeback of the more traditional “broadcast”.

While inviting people to be present at a specific time and date can seem an inconvenience nowadays, we actually find that audiences respond really well to it! After all, nothing beats the warmth and sense of community that comes from a real-time gathering.

A live stream, like any social gathering, rests largely on those who show up. This is why it comes naturally for people to empathize with whomever they see on the other side of the screen. 

After all, allowing yourselves to show your more unfiltered side as you cooperate to create a memorable occasion is sure to build an instant rapport!


Company Culture Videos

A company’s “culture” is basically the ethos that drives it. By now, most brands are aware that it is not just a product or service that they are selling but an experience and a set of values tied to their identity.

Tech companies emphasize innovation and design. Brands that sell sports gear focus on self-improvement and the ethics of sportsmanship. A car will be marketed around the idea of freedom. An ad for beer will most likely evoke parties, being with friends, and nightlife in general.

Your brand’s ethos is what sets it apart from other people within your niche, especially in the public’s view. It can also help you establish a clear target demographic and bolster your appeal to them by relating to different aspects of their lives. Audiences instinctively pick up on this and immediately know when a product is aimed at them because they can identify with the situations presented in the content they consume.

Find what inspires your work and transmit your philosophy as clearly and directly as you possibly can, and you’ll have customers that believe in your product and brand!




Off-the-Cuff Videos

While presenting a polished image shows your attention to detail and professionalism, spontaneous, “off-the-cuff’ videos display a more human side, which can be incredibly endearing for some audiences, and naturally build trust in your brand. Instagram and Facebook, with their stories feature, are a great platform for this type of content.

Off-the-Cuff videos should feel fresh and immediate, so avoid overthinking it!

They should have an almost live feel to them. Their ephemeral nature (keep in mind Instagram stories, for example, are online for only 24 hours) actually plays in their favor: it makes audiences be on the lookout not to miss them.

By creating videos like this on a more day-to-day basis, you can actually become part of your audience’s daily life, and keeping an eye out for your updates can eventually nurture their interest in your content.


Fan-created Content

If you already have a decent following, you could have your fans submit their own creations and then feature a selection of the most interesting submissions on your next video. 

Not only can this further consolidate the sense of community around your brand, but it also shows that you care about your audience and want to know who they are.

By making a video featuring fan-made content, you are also already enticing them to tune in, and as you turn the spotlight on them, you will also give them a reason to share your video – after all, it will be theirs too!




Parting Thoughts

No matter what the nature of your eCommerce company is, building a rock-solid relationship with your customers will always be about earning and nurturing their trust in you. And if you want to reach an audience, you will need a marketing strategy that helps you to do so. 

And there will always be a place for video in a well-thought-out marketing campaign!

The importance videos have for a successful strategy cannot be overstated. We hope that by now, with the examples we covered, your brain has already been set in motion, and you are feeling inspired. 

While we covered a lot of ground, we are still barely scratching the surface. 

So next time you’re planning your strategy, put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes and ask yourself: “What type of video would convince me to trust my company?”

That’s usually a great place to start.


Victor Blasco is an audiovisual designer, video marketing expert, and founder/CEO of the explainer video production company Yum Yum Videos. Besides running the business, he’s a lifelong student of Chinese philosophy and a passionate geek for all things sci-fi.

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