How to Rock at Digital Marketing in 2019

It’s no secret that the internet is oversaturated.

Billions of users, businesses, and advertisements all reside online. According to Forbes, a single user is exposed to a staggering 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. Not surprisingly, people are seeking to take control with spam filters and ad blockers. And that means brands today have to work extra hard to cut through all the ad clutter to get their marketing pieces in front of consumers.

The good news is that the existing digital marketing channels are still thriving and proving effective in 2019. More importantly, change is coming. Emerging technologies are developing further. Applications and the entire online scene are ripe with new prospects and opportunities to up your marketing game. The question is: is your business ready for it?

It’s alright if you can’t confidently answer that question – but only up to a certain point. Understandably, the sheer variety of digital marketing channels, methods, and online platforms make staying on top of things something of a challenge. Adding to that is the fact that trends are in constant flux, influenced by shifts in user behavior, as well as by modifications to existing infrastructures (such as new features and algorithm changes).

Strategies that were hot a couple of years ago don’t quite resonate as well with audiences now. Video was big in 2018, for example. But now that marketers have created more and more video content and unleashed them en masse online, only those that provide authenticity and personalized experiences attract users.

With virtual reality and augmented reality are presenting more ways to produce videos that offer immersive experiences. In essence, technology and the high levels of exposure are quickly upping the ante.

Fortunately, the fact remains that an effective marketing strategy is still crucial to any success in commerce today – online or offline. How is it possible that consumers are getting pickier but digital marketing still works? Well, e-retail giant BigCommerce took a deep dive and found in their 2018 report that consumers are responsive to brands that have an omnichannel presence and offer options in line with this.

From lead generation to getting actual sales, adapting to this new landscape starts with a keen insight on existing trends and then leveraging that knowledge towards nailing the omnichannel approach. To get you off to a good start, this well-researched, visually engaging infographic lays out facts and statistics to build your strategies in 2019.

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