How To Make Your Small Business Stand Out With a Great Return Policy

As more businesses and eCommerce platforms appear online, it becomes increasingly difficult to have your company cut through the noise and resonate with customers or prospective consumers.

But, it’s not impossible.

Today, businesses can effectively set themselves apart through subtle strategies that speak to their consumers’ unique needs. And creating a quality refund and return policy is one of those critical strategies that can help you stand out.

Did you know that between 30-35% of all products ordered online will be returned? Or that 67% of consumers check a company’s return policy before even making a purchase?

In our internet-era, a fine-tuned and clear return policy can act as a trust signal for consumers and even lead to increased purchased or enhanced customer retention.

Discover the basics of a defined return policy and how you can leverage a well-crafted business return policy, below.


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