How to Make Every Email Campaign a Star Performer

Businesses these days have stiff competition. Not only do they have to worry about other local businesses in their area, but they also have to worry about all the e-commerce sites customers have to choose from.

While the Internet has opened up a world of opportunities, it has also created new challenges. For example, digital marketing offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional marketing methods that can help small businesses reach a far wider audience. The downside is that nearly all businesses make use of the same digital marketing techniques.

This has led to consumers being bombarded by advertising every day. As a result, most people are a lot more selective about the advertising they consume, making it harder for businesses to get their marketing content to get noticed.

This is particularly true of email marketing. While an SMS or instant message is difficult to ignore, an email can slip into obscurity and be overlooked quite easily. As a result, open rates are notoriously low. Despite this, however, most marketers agree that email marketing is still one of the best marketing options available.

There’s no question that it can be highly successful. But how, exactly, does one go about creating a successful campaign and then replicating the results over and over again? The infographic below will help answer that very question.

It reviews the best practices in the industry and explains what made the most successful email campaigns such a great success. It doesn’t take any information at face value, preferring instead to find statistical evidence to back up the claims.

The infographic—provided by 99 Firms—can be used as a thoroughly-researched cheat sheet to create a high-performing email campaign from start to finish, with tips on how to come up with the perfect subject line, what content to include, and much much more.

Check it out!

Email Marketing Optimization Hacks & Case Studies

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