How to Integrate Instagram into Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing and Instagram are like beans and rice: they work better together. Instagram marketing is excellent for reaching new people while email campaigns are perfect for driving conversions.

While a lot of marketing professionals might think that it’s either/or when it comes to Instagram and email marketing, combining the two will extend the reach of your emails, allow you to better identify key influencers, and help you gain more email leads, not to mention grow your subscriber list.

Since a typical customer needs to see your brand or ad 7 times before deciding to make a purchase, combining Instagram and email campaigns are a great way to reach that objective. Plus, while they’re viewing your brand, you have the opportunity to build customer loyalty, drive engagement and generate brand recognition.

Let’s review some of the most effective ways to integrate your Instagram and email campaigns.

Consistent Email and Instagram Campaigns = A Stronger Brand

New customers are looking for brand integrity: they want a company that is trustworthy and detail-oriented. If your email marketing and Instagram campaigns don’t line up, your brand will suffer because it will appear confused and irregular. In other words, if your email campaigns are serious but your Instagram posts are fun and casual, the overall branding looks weak and you could lose potential customers as a result.

Align the tone, style and content of your email and Instagram campaigns in order to build a strong, consistent brand and increase brand recognition. Product Hunt does a great job: their email newsletter and Instagram account share a ‘language’ in that both are informal, colorful and enthusiastic. Followers can easily grasp what the brand is all about even if they aren’t familiar with all of their products. The brand’s solidity comes from a consistent Instagram theme that’s reiterated in their email newsletter.

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Put a Link to your Instagram Live Stories in Your Emails

One of the most exciting ways to integrate Instagram and email campaigns is to insert an Instagram ‘Live Stories’ link in your emails. (Hint: You may need a third-party software tool like Zapier.)

The technology is wonderful: the link will automatically get updated as each story gets posted. For example, if you send out a newsletter email on Monday morning, your link will connect to the latest story posted at that time. That way if your recipient doesn’t open the email until Wednesday, they will still see the most recent story (as of that day) via the link in your email.

When your subscriber clicks on the link they will be redirected to your Instagram account: an excellent way to get more organic followers and engagement with your brand’s profile. Remember to insert the Instagram icon in your newsletters and emails as well!

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It also works the other way too: putting a link to your newsletter in your live stories is a great way to get Instagram users to read your email marketing!

Retarget Active Email Subscribers With Instagram

One of the benefits of using email and Instagram together is the ability to match the intent and interests of prospective customers with targeted ads. Use the information about subscribers who have clicked-through your emails and reach out to them again via Instagram ads. For example, write several emails based on effective subject lines techniques and analyze which one performs best. Then use the line in an ad and post it to your Instagram business account.

You can go even further and A/B test various subject lines and images based on the customers you want to target. On average, MailChimp estimates that open rates vary from 18% to 28% depending on the industry. That means that 75% to 80% of your emails will remain unseen. The only way to ensure results is to connect specifically to your qualified prospects. This will make your marketing strategy more cost-effective and results-oriented.

SimCity is a great example of how A/B testing works: in their first newsletter (A) they offered a 40% pre-order incentive to buy the new version. In the second newsletter (B) they removed the incentive. Variation (B) performed more than forty-percent better than the first. Avid fans of SimCity weren’t interested in an incentive; they just wanted to buy the game.

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Organize social media giveaways to build email list

Contests are an effective and fun way to engage newsletter subscribers. And, it’s an easy way to grow your Instagram brand as well. First, come up with an enticing CTA, an irresistible prize and a relevant catchy hashtag. Then simply ask readers who want to participate to follow your Instagram profile.

There are lots of cool contests but a simple way to start is by posing a fun-to-answer question in your newsletter (IE: The Tell Us Who You Love campaign by Albert’s jewellery brand), and asking your viewers to post their answers on their Instagram page/story tagged with the contest specific hashtag. The winner can be chosen via a random lucky draw method. This encourages more participation while promoting your brand in both digital and email worlds.

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Scheduled Posts on Instagram Remind People About your Email List

Remind Instagram followers about your email campaign by scheduling Instagram posts that include a link to your email landing page. Show the user why your email newsletter is cool, informative and worthy of subscription. In addition, put a link to your email campaign in your bio and run ‘Stories’ that promote your email list. This way followers will be able to visit your landing page with a simple ‘swipe up’.

Keep your Instagram posts looking great by downloading and using an editing app. Apps like Instasize will help you make your photos stand out with a variety of filters, borders and text styles.

Wrap Up

Using only email or social media marketing can be constraining. Optimize both channels by integrating the tools. Just make sure you’re contextual, responsive, and relevant so your followers and subscribers enjoy your messaging regardless of the platform.

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