How To Improve Your Retail Business’s Curb Appeal

Perfecting your business’s product or service delivery is an obvious essential piece of the journey to success but when is the last time you thought about the exterior of your physical building? Before you even get the chance to wow your customers with your product or service, you must grab their attention with an appealing exterior. Even with the amount of effort you put into your promotions and media campaigns, nothing grabs a customer’s attention as effectively as how your physical location looks. This may go against your instincts and seem a bit old-fashioned as internet marketing and viral campaigns have taken over, but there is no substitute for an attractive façade to help draw attention.


Capturing a consumer’s eye and establishing that your business is worth patronizing is what curb appeal is all about. One study shows that about half of customers say they learned about a business that they have patronized by seeing that business’s on-premise signage. Without an attractive and eye-catching sign, many businesses will miss out on countless new customer opportunities. We’ve all heard about the importance of a first impression and it’s no different here.


Understanding how vital curb appeal can be for you and your business, you may be wondering of the ways you can help to improve your curb appeal. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies you can employ to enhance your curb appeal and attract more customers to your location. For the most part, these strategies are common sense ideas based on keeping the front of your location clean and appealing. However, there are some other ideas that can help you stand out on the street and more actively pull in new customers. Check out the guide below to see what those ideas are.


Serving as Regional Sales Manager at Graphic House, Inc., Dave Nadolny brings more than 20 years of marketing and development experience from various industries. Dave oversees all business development, taking Graphic House . to the next level.

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