How-To Guide: Product Pages That Will Increase Sales

Why should you care about your product pages in your online store? Can’t you just throw up a photo and price and call it good? Not really. Today’s online marketplace is becoming ever-more competitive. So how do you stand out? With outstanding product pages.

Better product pages will accomplish these three goals:

Goal #1: Attract search engines and increase online traffic – Search engines love information. And they want to provide searchers with whichever information is most relevant and most useful. By creating product descriptions that are full of great information, you will give your online store a bump up in the search results. Click to Read Your Content Plan for Driving Traffic to Your Website

Goal #2: Provide a better user experience and thereby increase online sales – Most of online shopping is online researching. To capture sales from online shoppers, you need to provide them with the information they’re seeking. You need to provide more useful content than your competitor’s do.

Goal #3: Lead local customers to your physical store. Today’s shoppers want to research before they buy. They want to research their products online, then go to the store to see them in person. Your product pages are an important part of this link.


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Your online store should not only provide shoppers with a way to buy guitar strings, goggles, or a wetsuit while sitting at the kitchen table but should also act as an avenue to your physical store. Your website and online store should be an extension of your physical store.

Now you know the why of great product pages, let’s get to the how.


The Words


Trying to pinpoint which words to use is always a challenge. We’re here to help. A great product description will have these key aspects.

Key Aspect #1: First of all, it needs to have the specs. Size, color, material, brand, and whatever else is relevant. (Of course, price is included here).

Key Aspect #2: Secondly, it needs to describe what the product is used for. Is it a clothing item made for running? Underwater use? Winter use?

Key Aspect #3:  Finally, the product description should feel like it was written by a real person. Everyone loves product reviews. It’s a large part of why Amazon is the online giant that it is. So review the product yourself and include it in the product description. Write the kind of review that you would want to read. Include all of the product’s great features, but don’t be too salesy. You may even want to include a video.

Here are some questions to help you compose your love for your product into words that will resonate with shoppers.

– What adjectives can you use to describe it? Precise? Comfortable? Intuitive? Time-saving?

– How does it compare to similar products? Is it the best value? Is it top of the line?

– Who should use it? Is it the best option for beginners? children? experts?

– How long has it been around? What version is it? Is it brand new?


Show It to Sell It


A picture is worth a thousand words. It may also be worth a thousand dollars, or more. Images can make or break an online sale. Without an image, the likelihood of a customer purchasing that product online is much, much smaller. Set yourself up for success with great product photos.

When you begin adding photos to your online store, keep these three things in mind:

1. Zoom. Today’s online shopper appreciates the ability to look at a product up close. Hopefully, your website software includes an enlarge image, or zoom feature. Be sure to include a high-quality, appropriately-sized photo that will look great when this feature is used.

2. Every side. If applicable, provide product photos taken from multiple angles.

3. All the options. If the product comes in multiple styles or colors, include images of those.


Use Suggested Products To Increase Each Sale’s Dollar Amount


In your store, you place your products strategically and work hard on displays that feature certain products and product categories. You can do the same thing in your online store by using suggested or related products. These products should show up on the bottom or side of the product being viewed. They give the shopper hints at what they may also want to consider buying, based on their current shopping choices.  Suggested products are great for customers and store owners. Customers find more products they like and items they’ll need to accompany products they’ve purchased. Business owners make more money from each customer. It’s a win-win. 

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Keep Everyone Happy with Accurate Inventory


Make sure customers can complete purchases online. Your “Add to Cart” button should be active and obvious and your shopping cart must be safe. Be sure your online inventory is up to date. No one wants to have to tell a customer that the product they happily ordered and are excited to receive is actually out of stock. Even though your website had it listed for sale and allowed the shopper to complete the transaction. To avoid this, be sure you are using a point-of-sale system that always keeps everything up to date. This will make your life easier, customers happier, and prevent the loss of a sale and a potentially loyal customer. Click to read The Most Effective Point of Sale Will Do These Three Things.


Go the Extra Mile and Get Feedback


After you’ve set up your shiny new product pages, do a beta test. Ask employees, family, and friends for feedback. Do they have ideas of something else you could add to make your product pages more user-friendly or more outstanding?

Next,  request feedback from online shoppers. Just as your employees ask shoppers if they found everything they were looking for, you should ask online shoppers how they liked their online shopping experience. You can ask for this feedback after the shopper has completed the sale, or in an order confirmation email. There are several survey tools like Survey Monkey that can help you out with this.

Finally, track your online traffic, (use Google Analytics) and your online and in-store sales. While there are many factors to track here, you should be able to get an idea of the benefit better product pages are providing. It probably won’t happen overnight, but over time, you will see your traffic from search engines increase, bringing your sales with them.

Holly Wade is a lover of words and marketing. She can’t read great writing without smiling, and she can’t watch a commercial without analyzing its success as marketing content. She gets a little carried away every time she goes to the library, and she always sides with using the Oxford comma. She loves writing articles that help small retail businesses find success.

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