How This Small Retail Business Increased Sales Using a Cloud-based POS

Although there are many differences in retail stores, there are also many similarities. This is fortunate for you, because it means that you can learn from the successes other stores have and apply it to your own. Even if another store sells different products than you do, or offers different services, you can still learn from the way they manage those products and services. Adventure Plus has found success in their industry and are happy to tell you just how.



Who They Are: Adventure Plus


Opened: 2000

Products: Scuba Gear, Outfitting for Canyoneering and Rockclimbing, Skimboards

Services: Scuba Diving Lessons, Scuba Repair, Scuba Trips, Canyoneering Courses, Rentals


Adventure Plus faced three challenges and was able to find a solution and benefit for each one.



Challenge: Inventory Management

Like most retailers, Adventure Plus struggled with finding time to keep all of their inventory updated in their system. Add the pressure of keeping a website, and they felt like they were running two stores. 

“ of the challenges we were facing as we were looking for a new point-of-sale system our website, our point of sale were completely separate systems which made it extremely difficult to manage inventory. We had to do everything twice.”   -TJ Cottam, Adventure Plus Partner

Solution: Website and POS in One System

Adventure Plus began looking for a POS and Website system that was integrated, and that covered the other services their business provides, and found Rain Retail’s POS and Website system. Rain POS is cloud-based, meaning inventory only needs to be entered one time and the information is saved for use in the POS and website.

Benefit: Foot Traffic & Sales Increase Because Customers Can See Accurate Inventory Online

Adventure Plus saved a boat load of time. Now, instead of entering everything twice, they entered everything once. Inventory management time was cut in half.

In addition to saving time, Adventure Plus saw an increase in traffic.

Today’s consumer researches online then comes into the store.

Source: Biz Report


For Adventure Plus, this was more than a statistic. It became reality. Customers saw what they had online, then came into the store to see it in person.

“Since we’ve started using Rain and customers have been able to see our inventory online, we’ve had an increase in customers coming in to try things on that they know we have, some coming in from a couple states away.” – TJ Cottam, Adventure Plus Partner

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Challenge: Rental Awareness and Management

Adventure Plus had great rental services, but not everyone knew about them.

Solution: Rental Availability Online

Adventure Plus used Rain POS to manage their rentals, which allowed them to make those rentals available to online customers.

Benefit: Increase in Rental Traffic

 “Since we started using Rain, interestingly enough, there’s an increase in rental traffic. People coming in for rentals that didn’t know we had rentals before.” TJ Cottam, Adventure Plus Partner

The people of Adventure Plus found that their rental traffic increased because customers could easily set up their rentals online.

“People know they can go online and rent it and that it’ll be .” – Travis Cottam, Adventure Plus Partner

Challenge: Service & Repair Tracking

While repairs are a great service to offer, they bring with them a set of challenges. Retailers can lose money on labor and parts used in the repair service if it isn’t tracked and billed properly. It can also be easy to forget to charge customers for parts used throughout the repair process. Additionally, it is challenging to track the inventory of the parts used for services and repairs to ensure that they are always in stock, as out-of-stock parts will increase the total repair time and the customer’s wait.

Solution: Service & Repair Tracker via POS

Adventure Plus used the repair tracker within the Rain Point of Sale. This allowed them to easily add parts and labor to the customer’s ticket in real time. No more losing money because parts and labor weren’t properly tracked. Rain POS also allows you to text the customer with repair updates.

Benefit: All Services & Parts Billed Properly

“The repair module with Rain has really tightened up things in the repair department. We can have a computer set up right there and add parts as you use them; we can add labors. It keeps it all tracked for that customer’s repair as you’re doing it so you don’t forget what services you did. As you go throughout the process, you can just add them in real time.” TJ Cottam, Adventure Plus Partner

Rain POS Saves Time and Increases Efficiency

By using Rain’s cloud-based POS, Adventure Plus saved time and increased efficiency. Their online traffic and rental traffic increased. They tracked repairs more effectively.

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Inventory & Rental Management

With Rain POS

Repair Tracking

With Rain POS

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