How Remodeling Your Store Can Boost Retail Sales

91% of all retail sales occurred in a physical store in 2017. Surprised? Don’t be! In fact, physical stores have several advantages over online shops. Below are two of the main ones.

  • There are more (and bigger) sales in physical stores. A surprising 40% of customers spend more money than planned in a physical store than online.
  • Customers want branded experiences from physical stores.  One study reports that shoppers are increasingly looking for consistently-branded shopping experiences that they can’t get online.

What does this mean for your small business? Ultimately, your shoppers want a great experience when they walk through your doors. Give them the “WOW!” factor they want by remodeling or redesigning your store’s interior.

Tips for Remodeling Your Store

If you’re planning on remodeling or redesigning your store, focus on visual merchandising to target the psychological effects a well-designed shop has on customers. Remember to tell a story with your store’s layout and include features that influence and persuade customer behavior.

Ready for good news? You don’t need to halt operations to have a great remodel! Keep your revenue flowing and get your customers excited about a new look by staying open during the construction phase.

Follow these tips to make sure the remodeling process is smooth during business hours:

  • Communicate openly with customers. Start advertising your remodel several months beforehand and let shoppers know what they can expect. This will give everyone time to prepare and let customers know you’re still open during construction!
  • Don’t do everything at once. Not everything needs to happen at one time. Break the remodel into stages and prevent the whole store from going out of commission during intensive construction. Spend the most time on important areas and delay less important tasks until later.
  • Plan the remodel for the best time. Schedule your remodel during slower times of the year for your store. If your business picks up over the holidays, plan on scheduling a remodel before or after.
  • Offer courtesy discounts. If you’re worried customers might not visit the shop during a remodel or redesign, a small incentive could help. Offer “construction discounts” to give shoppers a reason to stop by and help maintain your revenue.

Tips to remodel your store including floor plans, customer path, displays, creating an experience, and engaging the senses

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