Give Your Customers The 5 Star Treatment

With online stores popping up overnight, the competition to win shoppers over grows fiercer every day. How do small businesses make themselves stand out? With customer service. By giving customers “the 5 star treatment,” you will win their loyalty. Infusionsoft put together a stellar list of tips for making customers feel welcome. Their first tip was so well put, we kept it word for word.

  1. “Give customers the hope they have come to the right place: Say to customers, “I can help you with that.” That statement alone makes a customer feel good about interacting with someone who is going to take personal responsibility for handling their specific request.”
  2. Don’t make customers wait. Long lines make everyone cringe. Additionally, customers don’t want to wait around for an answer to their question about a specific product. Be sure you have enough employees on staff to meet demand.
  3. Keep an eye out for new customers.  Shoppers who are exploring your store for the first time need special attention. Help them find what they’re looking for, give them a quick overview of the store’s layout, and help them feel at home in your store.
  4. Don’t ever send “Do not reply” emails. While they may save you time and convenience, these types of emails send the customers the message that you can’t be bothered to help them out. This is not a message you want to send, especially to prospective customers. Read about customer service email best practices here.
  5. Encourage a relationship. While you might not be able to create a connection with each customer, present yourself in a way that lets them know that you are open to it and welcoming their questions.
  6. Connect with them emotionally. When you are sensitive to the customer’s emotions, you can communicate more effectively. Pay attention to a customer’s emotions whether that be excitement, nervousness, stress, etc.
  7. Treat each customer individually. Each customer has different needs. Find out a what the customer is trying to accomplish with their shopping trip and help them meet this goal.
  8. First impressions matter. We often focus on the importance of a first impression when it comes to a job interview. The same principle applies for a customer’s impression of a store. Greet them with a smiling face and an invitation to ask for needed help.


By implementing these tips in your business, you will make customers feel welcome, give them an enjoyable shopping experience, and encourage them to come again. They may even share their good experience with their friends.

Holly Wade is a lover of words and marketing. She can’t read great writing without smiling, and she can’t watch a commercial without analyzing its success as marketing content. She gets a little carried away every time she goes to the library, and she always sides with using the Oxford comma. She loves writing articles that help small retail businesses find success.

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