Earning Customer Trust: How Your Retail Business Can Improve Its Services and Better Retain Customers

We all know how important it is to feel like our needs are met by businesses when we are customers ourselves. So why wouldn’t we expect the same from our own customers?

Trust is one of the most essential building blocks of keeping customers content and encouraging them to pursue more business in the future. The better your customer service is during interpersonal interactions, the more likely customers will return.

Below are some of the most successful tactics to maintain customer trust and formulate new client connections that you can use in your business.

Customer Service

Impressing others with effective customer service will allow your clients to feel as though they are supported in their new environment. 

Whether you are helping in-store clients find products that they need or are offering advice on a malfunctioning item, your service will give a good impression on the whole company. 

Here are a few customer service skills that retail floor employees must have:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Encouraging and warm attitudes 
  • The ability to listen and understand complex client requests

Be Consistent 

If you are consistent with returning clients, they will be more likely to recommend your services to their friends and family. Consistency not only allows for new customers to become curious about your company but also will build trust with you and your client. 

Additionally, make sure that your customers feel comfortable and confident in the product that they are purchasing or in the service they are receiving. 

Here are a few places retail businesses must be consistent with customers if they expect to retain them:

  • Deliver products on time
  • Interact on social media with clients
  • Develop and request customer service surveys
  • Allow for upward feedback for corporate improvement 

Express Company Values

Staying true to your company values will show clients that you are focused on the image and quality of company services. In other words, you are preaching what you practice!

In-person customer service and communication is a great opportunity for you to enact your company values. Whether they are positivity, loyalty, or health before work, you can act these out through everyday tasks. 

Here are a few ways to stay true to and show off your company values:

  • Supporting social and environmental acts through in-store displays and social media
  • Publicizing support for NGOs or non-profits in branding 
  • Employee involvement on company social media pages like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. 

If you think that your business could benefit from improving customer service tactics, see the infographic below from Chattermill to learn more about how to implement practical skills that will better your business affairs.

Lauren is a lifestyle and wellness content creator who believes in helping small businesses embrace a long-lasting success-driven philosophy. She hopes to educate others to live out their aspirations and inspire readers to live out their dream careers.

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