Don’t Be A Retailer That Loses $2,600 Per Year

Businesses that offer repairs as a service to their customers often have difficulty properly tracking the parts and labors attached to each repair ticket. This can become a big area for money loss. Paper tickets can easily be lost, are hard to read, and will decrease efficiency.

While retailers vary in the amount they charge for repairs, there is one thing they all share. None of them want to lose money on a service that is supposed to bring in revenue. As an example, a retailer who charges $50 per hour of labor will lose $2,600 per year if one repair technician fails to properly bill one hour of labor per week. This amount increases as additional hours fall through the cracks. Add in the money lost due to parts that are never accounted for and you start losing thousands of dollars every year that you should be keeping.

Before getting bogged down, remember, there is a solution. An effective repair tracker that allows repair technicians to easily and accurately add parts and labor to a ticket, will stop this revenue loss. The most effective POS will include a repair tracker.

What An Efficient Repair Tracker Will Do

This repair tracker must be efficient. A system that is hard for repair technicians to use will only increase frustration and lead to wasted time. An efficient one will save money, time, and frustration.

In addition to losing money on poorly billed parts and labor, lack of an effective repair tracking system also leads to dissatisfied customers, who will not recommend your shop as a repair stop.

If customers have to wait too long for repairs, or have to answer the same question about their repair job multiple times, or come upon unexpected repair costs, they aren’t going to be happy and they aren’t going to recommend you.

Poor repair tracking leads to fewer customers, and lower revenue. On the flip-side, a well-oiled repair system will create happy customers, who will happily tell their friends to visit your shop for repairs. A customer who is kept in the loop about the status of their repair and feels that there is an open line of communication regarding any unforeseen repair expenses will be a much happier customer who is more likely to return and recommend your services. Customers can be kept apprised of their repair’s status via text message or email with a POS system that has a repair tracker with email and text capability.


One Is Not Like The Others

Not all POS systems come equipped with repair tracking capabilities. While you could use separate software to track your repairs, you will lose out on efficiency by having to deal with two systems. Employees will need to be trained on two different systems. You will then also need to contact two separate companies if you need assistance troubleshooting possible challenges. You’ll also have to pay two separate bills. The extra minutes will add up and cost you. The best solution is to find a POS that manages inventory and tracks repairs and does it well.

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