Customer Service Skills That Will Help Your Company Get Ahead

When in competition with larger corporations, smaller businesses have few advantages at their disposal. It is likely a large company can make their service cheaper and have larger budgets for aspects of the work such as marketing and PR.

One place where smaller companies can focus their efforts and make a dent in this competition is in customer service. Small businesses have more agility and therefore can create a better and more competent, personalized environment for addressing both current and new customers.

Being able to evolve quickly and not be beholden to the old ways of doing things are two of the most important strengths that a small business can utilize and the best way to leverage this agility is through excellence in customer service.  

Large companies are often too ponderous to provide quality service to customers. Because of bureaucratic largesse, they often are slow to give answers and lack well-trained professionals to react to customer needs.

However, to gain this advantage as an SME, it is imperative that you learn more about how customer service trends are progressing and consider the perspective of modern consumers.

For example, customers today look to reviews and reputations more and more frequently to make their decisions and their expectations when it comes to customer service are high.

When it comes to ROI on efforts, according to a study by American Express, over two-thirds of customers in the U.S. are willing to spend more on companies that provide a better level of customer interactive service.

With this idea in mind, it is even more imperative for small companies to expand efforts in this area to capture new customers and prevent churn. Below, Nextiva put together customer service skills that are crucial for this kind of advancement with statistics backed up by methods for improvement.

By following the advice provided, you’ll gain a better foothold when working to outflank a large competitor in the same industry.

Customer Service Skills

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