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Boutique Grows 70% -100% Each Year Using All-in-One POS & Website System

Boutique Grows 70% -100% Each Year Using All-in-One POS & Website System

As Entrepreneur points out, the ka-ching of the cash register has long been like the sound of music to Entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, while cash registers keep track of the sales coming in, they don’t offer vital information regarding the status of a company’s inventory.

Granted, when an entrepreneur is selling handcrafted blankets out of the trunk of her car, she probably doesn’t require much technology to keep track of things, But when her business outgrows car trunks and expands to five store locations, a good POS system becomes a “strategic service center” that helps her both maintain and grow her retail business.



Nobody knows that better than Minky Couture, a high-end boutique that sells luxury blankets, scarves, and pillows expertly crafted out of sumptuous Minky fabric. Before they found Rain Retail Software, their business processes were “all over the place”. Today, though, Minky Couture enjoys seamlessly integrated business transactions managed by one database that makes life as a retailer much easier.

All-in-One POS & Website Sytem Provides Key Solutions to 3 Common Retail Challenges

Let’s take a look at 3 challenges the Minky Couture team have overcome to achieve 70 to 100 percent growth each year using an all-in-one point of sale and website system:

Challenge #1: Inventory Management


One of the biggest challenges Minky Couture was facing was trying to keep track of inventory changes between their website and point-of-sale, two completely separate systems that made it extremely difficult to update and view their inventory without spending lots of time on data entry.

“Before we used Rain,” says Minky Couture owner, Sandi Hendry, “we were basically all over the place. Our POS was a totally different system and our website was showing the products but not showing us the sales online.”

With a wide range of blankets in a variety of sizes, including infant, tween, adult,  monster, and grande, plus items like scarves and pillows, Minky Couture needed an all-in-one POS and Ecommerce system that would allow them to simply enter products one time and have them automatically populate their POS and website.
Now that they have Rain Retail Software, Minky Couture gets an accurate, real time view of their inventory because the products they ring up are automatically subtracted from their inventory and updated across the point of sale and website.

“With the Rain Point of Sale System, we’re able to keep track of each store’s inventory, which makes it really nice to be able to see what other stores have on hand so we know exactly where we’re at with our inventory at all times.”


~ Minky Couture Store Manager, Bree Hendry

”At the click of a button,” exclaims Sandi, “products are at each [store] location and available on our website. It’s just a blessing to have it all in one system.”

Challenge #2: Limited Reporting Capabilities

Like many small businesses, Minky Couture struggled with inaccurate sales and inventory reporting, a challenge that steals away valuable time spent helping customers and ringing up new sales.

The Rain system has a powerful reporting suite, and with it, retailers can find any data they might require for business needs.

With a good POS system, Minky Couture now has immediate access to the data they need to maximize profits. Sandi and the Minky Couture team can easily track their successful products and services so they know how to meet their customers’ needs and plan for the future.

“With Rain’s reporting, it is super easy to see a break down of each day and make sure we’re reaching our goals.“


~ Minky Couture Store Manager, Bree Hendry

As an added benefit, all of Minky Couture’s POS data is stored in the cloud, allowing them to access it from anywhere they have Internet, without ever having to worry about backing up.

“I can pull [reports] up on my phone or on my iPad any time during the day and see how each location is performing. That’s vitally important to me.”


~Minky Couture owner, Sandi Hendry

“What it comes down to is this,” says Entrepreneur, “in a well-run business, the point of sale is more than just the place where the money comes in. With the right equipment, it becomes your strategic service center, the place that will help you grow your business and keep your customers coming back.”

Challenge #3: Not Optimized for Modern Shopping Behavior Online & Offline 


As a multiple-location retailer, Minky Couture struggled with inventory management between their website and POS system. As they mentioned above, their website was showing the products but not showing their online sales.

When a retailer’s website inventory is powered by a fully integrated point of sale system, life gets easier. Not only is everything synced across the website and POS, but customers can Google their store to see what’s in stock without the business owner having to worry about whether their inventory is accurate. Plus, the POS and website will always update simultaneously any time products are added or sold.

According to ComScore, 78% of local-mobile searches result in an offline purchase. That means today’s consumers are researching online before heading to the store to buy goods.

For Minky Couture, who achieved a significant increase in traffic, this is more than a statistic. Their customers are consistently able to find what they want online, then came into the store to see it in person and make a purchase:

 “One of the best parts about Rain that I have loved, is the increase in foot traffic in all of our five locations. Anyone can look [at our products] online. They can look on their mobile devices and they can come in and get that product. They can see our different sizes, all the colors that we have to offer, and then make a purchase right there and then and that’s been fantastic.”

~Minky Couture owner, Sandi Hendry

Thanks to the accuracy and efficiency of Minky Couture’s integrated POS system, they are able to meet the needs of modern shoppers and increase product sales.


Retailers like Minky Couture face the challenge of keeping a consistent and accurate record of daily sales transactions and inventory tracking. Fortunately, an integrated, cloud-based POS and website system—like Rain Retail Software—provides essential tools that make life easier for specialty business owners.

“Between the integration, the sales reporting, and the foot traffic, Minky Couture has been able to grow 70% to 100% each year,” says Sandi Hendry. ” I would definitely recommend Rain Retail [Software].”

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