Blogging for Retailers: 4 Ways to Come up With Topic Ideas

Blogging for Retailers: 4 Ways to Come up With Topic Ideas


Are you a small business owner in a retail space starting up a blog? 

Are you trying to figure out the right topics to make your blog posts interesting and engaging?

You are right to do so — blogging with a purpose increases your market share, consumer engagement, and ROI.

So, search no more!

These topic ideas will grab your reader’s attention and engage them in interesting and useful content you absolutely need on your blog.

Let’s start.


1. Staff Picks and Favorites

Staff picks and favorites help humanize your business, which makes them a topic you definitely want to cover in your blog posts.

They give you a great opportunity to introduce and put the spotlight on members of your staff, while at the same time presenting your products and giving recommendations.

This is a great way to make your brand seem more relatable and personable.

Staff picks also make you seem more trustworthy.

When you simply publish a blog post highlighting your products, it is missing the trust factor your customers are looking for. 

They are much more comfortable with taking advice from a real person, as it reassures them that they are picking the right product.

Let’s take the hospitality industry as an example. 

Have you ever been to a restaurant and found an item on the menu marked as “our staff favorite”?

You must remember how it caught your attention and immediately made you want to try it, confident that it was the right choice.

It’s the same in retail. 

Including staff picks and in your blog posts will give your customers guidance while also creating a better connection between them and your business — and humanizing your brand.


2. Trends in Your Particular Niche

The retail industry is constantly evolving. This is why you need to regularly present the trends to your customers.

Your customers want to be up to date on every innovation.

After all, you are much more familiar with the retail industry anyway. You probably already attend industry events and keep track of any new products and trends. 

No reason to keep it only to yourself — blogging gives a great opportunity to keep your customers informed as well!

Writing about current trends will also help you get an insight into your competition. It will allow you to examine what other brands are doing. 

When you determine the products and trends your competitors are taking advantage of, you will also learn what strategies work for them. 

You can use any new ideas you come up with to create new ways to differentiate your brand from competitors.

For instance, using Google Trends is a great way to find out what your target market is searching for, and then do your best to deliver that information with your content.

To consistently offer your customers what interests them, your blog should be optimized for search engines too.

In fact, blogging is an excellent way to reap the benefits of SEO, since your brand will get more chances to appear in Search Engine Result Pages with a blog than with product pages alone. 

Including relevant trends in your blog posts is an excellent opportunity to capture your customers’ attention.

3. Interview With an Expert

An interview with an expert in your niche is a great attention-grabbing topic for your blog posts.

People trust experts and want to learn more about their secrets to success.

You, on the other hand, get to market your products at the same time.

When conducting your interview, it is important to make the topic of discussion align with your offer. 

This way, you are building up your content with useful tips for your customers and at the same time marketing your own products. 

You can even collect questions from your readers and adjust the interview to answer those.

Google will reward you for including experts.

When you use insights from a subject-matter expert, you produce high-quality content that has the opportunity to reach the top of search results. 

Your blog becomes a valuable source that your customers come back to, while Google places a higher value on content that shows expertise and trustworthiness.

Naturally, you would need to choose the right people for your content and know how to conduct a high-quality interview. 

Even if you are only starting to do interviews, it is important that you do it properly to use the form to its full potential.

Interviewing an expert is a great and interesting way to capture your reader’s attention and build trust. 

4. Gift Guides

Gift guides are a perfect blog topic to help your customer during the holiday season or any other event they find interesting.

Gift guides can increase your visibility.

You will be surprised to find out that about two thirds of all shoppers look for gift lists online. 

These guides are very useful content because they will be picked up in the organic search results for those searching for gift ideas.

Gift guides will also double your conversion rates and increase engagement.

When you offer a visually appealing and interesting gift guide, you are helping the customer choose a suitable gift without too much hustle. 

It is your chance to stand out and attract more customers by creating a rewarding gift shopping experience. 

In fact, 59% of Americans consider holiday shopping so stressful that they would rather do a whole range of other tedious tasks instead of it. The right gift guide will considerably reduce that stress.

When you offer the right solution to their problem, they will appreciate the effort and keep coming back!

Therefore, gift guides are an interesting and useful addition to your blog, and you should use them on every occasion you can.


You are aware of the fact that trends change and that your topics need to be adjusted to the current demand.

The topics and methods above are a proven way to never go out of style. They are virtually guaranteed to boost your blog and engage your readers.

Sometimes blog topics and ideas aren’t easy to come up with. Using the ones we listed is a secure method that will improve your traffic and enhance your visibility.

Starting your blog was the easy part — now it’s time to fill it with some quality content!


Joe Peters is a Baltimore-based freelance writer and an ultimate techie. When he is not working his magic as a marketing consultant, this incurable tech junkie devours the news on the latest gadgets and binge-watches his favorite TV shows. Follow him on @bmorepeters.

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