Best Music Store POS (Point Of Sale)

Hey Guys, its Greg here and today I want to go over a couple of things for all you Music Retailers at there.  First we’re going to take a look at all the biggest issues with Point of Sale and Inventory Management for your music shops and then we’re going to look at how we can help you solve those problems.  Then I also have two really sweet new features that will save you lots of time and increase your sales Dramatically. That’s all coming up.

Let’s face it, running your music store can be a lot of fun but it can also be a lot of hard work. One big reason for this is because Instruments are just different than other inventory items because they are serialized, require service & repair, and get rented out.

This is where Rain comes in because we understand all of the unique challenges and opportunities for your music stores.  That’s why we provide a seamless system that brings your point of sale, website, rentals, and class management all in the system. Imagine adding a product to your POS, then just checking a box to also have it show up on your website. Not only that but Rain ALSO integrates with major vendors like Alfred, D’Addario, and others to pull in their product data.  So you only need to scan a barcode and the rest of the needed data will fill in all by itself. Product titles, descriptions, manufacturers, and even images. It will all be there automatically. Pretty awesome right!!

And as you get a significant amount of your inventory online, more and more buyers will start to find your store when they’re searching for the products they want online.  This added exposure will make a big impact in driving more buyers into your store.  In fact, the increase in foot traffic is one of the reasons our average customer experiences a greater than 20% increase in sales after switching to Rain.

Do you rent instruments?  Rain has a rental module that managers rent-to-own as well as rent-to-rent.  It’s a huge time saver because it allows you to print the contracts and save the signed contracts digitally.  Customer credit cards get saved as tokens so the system can automatically and securely charge customers credit cards each month.  You can even have a secondary card on file in case the first card fails.  Now that’s a game changer.

Plus, Rain also integrates with Reverb.  If you’re not familiar with Reverb, you gotta check it out…It’s like eBay but just for music products and instruments.  And our integration makes it super easy for you to sell products on their site.  You just have to select which items in your POS that you want to sell on Reverb and we’ll push those items over with all the needed info.  When products sell on Reverb, that order populates in Rain so you can fulfill that sale along with your other online orders.  Inventory will automatically update in your POS and on your website if something sells on Reverb and vice versa so inventory is always in sync.

And now check this out, are you ready to hear something really awesome? Rain has just unleashed another tool that will automate your marketing.  Yes, we even have to tool to automate your marketing! This is HUGE. For example, when a customer hasn’t bought something in 60 or 90 days, the system can send them an email or text saying, ”It’s been a while since we’ve seen you.  Come see us again.  Here’s a 10% off coupon good for this week.” Or, on their birthday, “Happy Birthday, here’s a 15% off coupon.”  We can also send out automated emails about your new products, top sellers, and sale items.  Trust me, with these tools, you WILL see an increase in sales.

To learn more about how Rain can make managing your music store easier just click the link below. We’d love to show you how it all works.