Are Pop-Up Ads The Right Choice For Your Website?

“Pop-up forms do work, and this is the main reason so many marketers are using them…”

Source: Hubspot


Website owner and publishing expert, Jane Friedman, is not a fan of pop-ups. Like most folks, she finds them a major annoyance and a darn good reason to quickly abandon websites that use them. Jane has, in fact, been reticent to place any kind of pop-ups on her own site that would interrupt the reader’s experience.

But a curious thing happened after she read an article by MailMunch, How to Use Exit Intent Popups to Grow your Email List. This persuasive article offered some concrete data that eased a few of Jane’s anxieties about pop-ups and, well, sort of changed her mind.

But are Pop-up adds a good choice for your website?

Studies Show That Pop-ups Actually Work

As cited on Hubspot, a study by AWeber found that pop-up forms converted 1375% better than traditional forms for driving blog subscriptions. Additionally, Hubspot mentions some research from SumoMe which indicates that the top performing 10% of pop-up forms convert at a rate of 9.3%. Need more Facts? Smart Bug Media offers the following convincing proof that pop-up adds are an effective form of marketing:

  • Implementing a pop-up strategy immediately increased email list opt-ins for Copyblogger. (source)
  • Pop-ups receive decent click through rates (around 2%) – higher than other kinds of ads. (source)
  • Pop-ups boosted Entrepreneur.comincrease subscriptions 86% & sales 162%. (source)

But…Pop-up Ads Are Also Risky

“The numbers don’t lie: Pop-up forms work. However, is that worth sacrificing the experience that a visitor has on your site? The inbound answer is no. User experience trumps all else.” 


Source: Hubspot


“…When you are interrupting the user experience, be sure you are offering relevant, helpful content, The right kind of pop-ups can improve website conversions, but implementing a strategy that annoys visitors will end your relationship forever.”


Source: Smart Bug Media 


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“There is no question that pop-ups “work” — but to what end? We’re not willing to risk the relationship with our audience for a spike in opt ins.”

Source: Copyblogger


Pop-up ads aren’t for everyone. Marketers must weigh the benefits pop-ups can potentially provide against the consequences of harming customer relationships, or making their site less appealing to browse or link to, points out Copyblogger. Like Jane Friedman, marketers will want to conduct a fair amount of research before deciding to give pop-ups a try on their respective websites.

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