7 Retail Business Marketing Trends To Utilize In 2021

Constant growth and improvement are key to small business success. 

Digital trends are constantly changing, after all, and the demands of consumers are only ever increasing. 

Therefore, it will only be the small businesses that take the time to remodel their strategies and utilize the seven marketing trends outlined below that will survive and thrive in 2021. 


1. Redesign Your Website


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many services have been forced to digitalize their services. It’s 2021 and customers expect a seamless digital experience, so it’s crucial that your small business operates with a digital-first mentality.

For your small business to succeed, you may consider redesigning your website so it is optimized for e-commerce. “Transparency is key to web design projects for your business,” says Dan King, Freelance Web Developer at Dan King Digital. “To create a long term, successful and meaningful relationship with your web designer look for someone who you can trust, it makes a massive difference.”

When done in the right way, digitalizing your business through the design of a brand-new website can be a highly effective way of expanding your reach, increasing your visibility, promoting your brand, and creating conversions.


2. Video Marketing


If your small business has not already implemented video marketing as part of its marketing strategy, it’s likely you are being left behind by the competition. 

Demand for video marketing is high, after all, with 54% of consumers saying they want to see more videos about products and services.

As we all know already, platforms like YouTube and Instagram are currently leading the way in video marketing and video-based content continues to be the most effective way for companies to market their products. 

Not only does video content increase engagement, but it also improves online visibility and helps boost sales. So, if you’re not using it, why not?


3. Customer Testimonials


Customer testimonials continue to be the key to business success. Your customers want proof that your products or services are worth buying.

As society moves towards improving its support of small businesses, many consumers are forgoing large brand names to source alternatives. This, in turn, provides a fantastic opportunity for small businesses to meet customer needs. 

So, what better way is there to do exactly that than by having a bunch of outstanding customer testimonials available? These will help build trust, excite new customers and, fundamentally, get people buying.


4. Small Business Joint Ventures


This year, more small businesses than ever before are seeking out creative collaborations and joint ventures with other businesses. 

This is because jointly collaborating with another company can be a great way to increase your reach, expand your skill set, and increase your long-term survivability in an ever-changing market. 

So, as 2021 sees many small businesses closing up shop, the route to survival might require joining forces and collaborating with other creative business owners.


5. Optimize Your Site For Mobile


More people than ever before are browsing the internet from their mobile devices. So, it is essential your website is optimized for mobile. If you don’t, you could end up missing out on a lot of revenue and goal completions. 

To figure out how to optimize your website for mobile so that it provides the best results for your business, think about your goals. What do you want customers to do when they visit your website? Buy a product? Fill out a contact form? Ring your office? 

When you understand what your business goal is, it will become infinitely easier to draw your customers towards it. 


6. Business Personalization


Customers today expect a personalized experience from a business. Personalization works extremely well for small businesses because it helps create connection, engage customers, and increase conversions. But how can you achieve this?

Using a range of business tools let you create personalized pages that display content only for people visiting your site from certain locations, companies, or IP groupings. 

Put simply, the more personalized the visitor experience, the more likely you are to attract customers, encourage customer loyalty, and create conversions.


7. Authentic Marketing


Many small businesses often have no choice but to be very tight on money, making the need for cheap marketing tools all the more worthwhile. Fortunately, however, creating authentic content is an entirely free and enormously powerful marketing tool to utilize. 

By simply adding a blog to your website or trying to do your own link building, you can establish your brand as a thought leader, connect with your readers, and grow customer loyalty.

To do this most effectively, ensure your content is well balanced between email blasts, blog articles, and social media posts to provide your audiences with helpful and valuable content across all your platforms.


Get Set Up For Success

Setting your small business up for success in 2021 takes a lot of time and dedication, setting aside time to evaluate which marketing strategies worked well last year, which didn’t, and which new strategies you’re going to try. 

However, by following the advice highlighted above, you will put your small business in the best possible position, helping it grow and thrive throughout the rest of 2021.


Harvey Holloway is a Sussex-based digital marketing specialist, with a 1st class honours degree in Digital Media Design. Harvey is now looking to connect with leading publications and share his experience with a wider audience. Connect with Harvey on Twitter:@HarveyTweetsSEO

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