6 Ways Omnichannel Marketing Is a Foolproof Way To More Sales

Your customers aren’t spending time on just one channel, so why would you put all your marketing efforts into one? Today’s consumers spend time on multiple devices (phone, tablet, computer), and absorb marketing messages across different platforms (email, social media, blogs, advertising). Having an omnichannel marketing plan is simply the only way to be successful in reaching and engaging your audience.

Not convinced? Here are a few other reasons to expand your marketing to more channels.

#1. Your Audience is Flipping from Device to Device

In a given day, 98% of Americans change from one digital device to another. Sara may check the news first thing in the morning on her phone, then move to her desktop computer once she gets to work. After work, she shops on her tablet, then watches some television.

Smart marketers know that reaching their audience means leveraging different device platforms to connect. Social media, mobile ads, and mobile-friendly websites ensure that, no matter where Sara is, she has the opportunity to be exposed to and engage with your brand.

#2. The More They Get Your Message, The More They Get Your Message

There’s an old marketing adage called the Rule of 7: a consumer needs to interact with your brand or marketing message seven times before it’ll really sink in. This is even more important in an era when we’re being bombarded by thousands of ads, social media updates, and other information every single day.

Taking out a Facebook ad might put your brand in front of Sara, but it might not be until she’s seen your AdWords ad, signed up for your emails, and then received a promotional email that she actually buys from you.

#3. Every Channel Provides Marketing Opportunity

Some channels are more obvious than others as reliable sources of sales potential: put a link with “buy one get one free today only!” on Twitter, and you’ll have some takers. Max out your SEO strategy and people will find you online.

But don’t overlook other channels to market. Include an irresistible shopping cart offer to shoppers who are checking out on your website. Use your automated customer service phone number to announce current specials and promotions. Train your customer service reps to offer upgrades and discounts.

#4. Omnichannel Marketing Works to Retain Customers

Research backs up the validity of using a multi-pronged approach to marketing: 91% of brands that use omnichannel marketing see greater year-over-year customer retention rates than brands who don’t.

Rather than spending more money to attract new customers, focus on engaging the ones you’ve got on multiple channels.  Retargeting ads are great for re-engaging past customers, since they essentially follow consumers around the internet, reminding them of a product they’ve looked at on your site. How long can Sara resist that pair of shoes she was eyeing, especially if your ad includes a coupon code to save money on them?

#5. It Works for Customer Service Too

The days of waiting on hold to talk to a customer service agent are nearly gone. Today’s savvy companies are leveraging email, chat (and chatbots), as well as social media as additional channels to help customers.

While offering customers multiple ways to reach your brand is becoming more commonplace, you have plenty of room to lead the pack in this trend because many brands still aren’t doing it well. On social media, 32% of customers expect an answer within 30 minutes, yet the average response time is 157 minutes. Imagine the delight of your customers when they get an instant response from your social media customer service team!

#6. It’s Possible to Market Online and Off Seamlessly

For brands that offer both online and offline shopping experiences, omnichannel marketing is essential, and it needs to be consistent. Offers and promotions in the store should match up to what’s being communicated on digital marketing channels, and vice versa.

The great thing about an omnichannel approach is that one can funnel into another. Post signage around your store encouraging customers to text a number to subscribe to mobile offers. Send an email with a coupon to take into the store for special savings. And because today’s technology is so trackable, any offline or online campaign can easily be measured and assessed for best results.

Bottom Line

Your customers aren’t one-dimensional. Don’t let your marketing be, either. Plan campaigns across channels, both online and offline, to stay in front of your audience in relevant ways, and you’ll see instant gratification in sales.

This is a guest post by Susan Guillory of Egg Marketing.

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Susan Guillory is the President of Egg Marketing, a content marketing firm based in San Diego. She’s written several business books, and frequently blogs about small business and marketing on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, and Cision. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.