6 User Experience Hacks That Will Boost Conversions on Your Site

User experience (UX) can play a huge role in whether a customer converts on your site or clicks away and finds a competitor. Often customers are guided by their subconscious rather than any specific decision-making process, so it is important to be taking steps to improve your UX and increase conversions.

Here are six actionable tips that you can use today to boost conversions on your website: 

1. Use video content on product pages

If all of the content on your product pages involves reading, you’re not taking advantage of a key marketing aspect. Using different forms of content to engage customers can be hugely beneficial–and video can be one of the most effective.  

In fact, 72 per cent of customers prefer video over text content when they want to learn the specifics of a product. 

Take a look at how musical instrument retailer, Andertons, uses video content from their social media channels to show off the product actually being used and played. This functions as a brilliant advert for the product, as well as giving potential customers the opportunity to see the instrument from a variety of different angles.

2. Choose colors that convert

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big change to your conversions. For example, changing the color of the ‘Add to Cart’ button had a huge impact on Childsplay Clothing site. “We have seen a huge rise in our conversion rate since switching our Add to Bag to orange, in place of the black-and-white we had before,” says Moby Latif, Head of Business Strategy & Development at Childsplay Clothing.

“The orange helps the button to stand out, and provides customers with an obvious next step – it has worked wonders for us”. 

Another impressive example comes from the software company Performable, which was able to increase conversions by 21%, simply by changing their CTA button from green to red

3. Optimize your images for speed

Never doubt the importance of page loading speed. Consider the following statistics:

  • when a page loads in two seconds the average bounce rate from a site is 9.6%
  • at four seconds, this number jumps up to 17.1%
  • pages that take seven seconds risk losing one-third of all users  

The really disappointing thing about this is just how easy it is to increase page loading speed with just a few simple changes. Images are the chief culprit in slow loading times, so you if you do just one thing, take a look at your image file sizes. Any that are above 100 mb are too large, and you should use an image compressor to make the file size smaller.

4. Create urgency

You need to encourage your customers to act when they are on your site–and one of the best ways that you can do this is by creating a sense of urgency.

Some e-commerce sites use the tactic of offering faster shipping if customers complete an order by a certain time. Of course, in this case you’ll want to remove the message from the site after that time limit has expired.

Another effective option is to show customers how many other people are looking at a product or provide numbers in how often this product has sold recently. Take a look at the example from Next below, showing the number of buyers in the last 48 hours – not only does this show the visitor that the item is popular, it also conveys a message that if they don’t act soon, the product could sell out. 

5. Make your content easy to skim

Good product content needs to be short, snappy, and easy to read. The real key here is to have a page that a potential customer can skim read and pick up the major details as fast as possible. When you consider that 55% of customers will spend less than 15 seconds on your product page, the importance of making that page quick and easy to read becomes clear. 

One of the best ways to do this is to have a section near the top of the page containing bullet points of the most important information. Further information should be available, of course, but many customers won’t take the time to pour over the details—they just want to know the key facts. 

6. Allow guest checkout

This is a change that any site can make, and it will do wonders for your conversion rate. If you currently insist on customers creating an account before they buy, you risk losing out on sales.

Clothing retailer ASOS was able to halve its shopping cart abandonment rate, simply by allowing customers to checkout as guests.

Final Thoughts…

User experience is becoming a truly vital factor in whether or not you win a sale. Making a few changes to your UX can be quick and easy, and it can produce incredible results.

Don’t worry about a small amount of downtime to your site while you try to improve it–make the changes, and reap the rewards. 

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Dakota Murphey has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and business growth. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience through her writing.