5 Ways to Increase Sales With Two Words

We’ve all been taught to say please and thank you. But, do we underestimate the value of “thank you” in the business world? Letting customers know that you value their business and time will go a long way in a world where customers place a high value on how they are being treated. In fact,  Source: Help Scout

So how can you say “thank you” to customers and mean it, but also take advantage of an opportunity to increase sales? This article on the Jeff Bullas blog dives into that. We thought their ideas were phenomenal and wanted to share them with you.

Here are 5 ways to increase sales with the words “thank you.”

1. Thank them with something they don’t already have.

A newsletter/email subscribe option is a necessity if you want to take full advantage of having a website. (Read: The Top 8 Website Mistakes You Need to Fix in 2017). Hopefully, you already have this set up. But what happens when visitors complete the form to sign up for your emails? Where are they taken next? To get the most value from these sign-ups, direct them to a thank you page that lets them know you are giving them something valuable in return for their information. That valuable item may be an exclusive coupon code, membership to a rewards program, a free class, some great content, etc. Whatever it is, be sure it is something that will encourage the consumer to shop with you or visit your website again soon. Be sure to let visitors know that they will receive this valuable item if they sign up. Example: Subscribe and receive an exclusive coupon immediately!

2. Thank customers for their interest in your business by letting them know you value their input.

Do this by inviting them to follow you on social media where they can give that input. Consumers want their opinions heard. More importantly, they want to know that businesses value their feedback and plan to use that feedback to improve.

To be an effective email marketer, you need to build meaningful connections with your audience. Substitute ‘subscriber’ for ‘community member’ and everything about your interaction style with your community members will change – you’re humanizing them and that’ll significantly help you in building stronger connections.”

 – Ryan Robinson

The more customers engage with your business online, the more they’ll shop with you.

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3. Use thank you in your email subject line.

Did you know that email subject lines that include the words “thank you” have the highest above-average engagement levels? (Source: Hubspot) Think of ways you can incorporate the words “thank you” in your email subjects, but be sure that it makes sense. Readers won’t be happy and won’t feel like you are genuinely thanking them if they feel that you are just using the words to get them to open an email. Here are some subject line examples:

  1. Thanks For Your Year of Business, Open Your Gift. Thank them with coupons on the anniversary that they subscribed to you or purchased an item.
  2. Thank You for 15 Great Years, This is For You. Thank them on the anniversary your store opened with an online or in-store sale.
  3. Thank You for Your business, Enjoy Treats on Us! Email them to let them know your store will be serving free treats (perhaps from a popular bakery in the area) on a certain day (perhaps when business is usually slower). This is a great way to get them in the store where they’ll find products they’ll love to buy.

Customers will appreciate the heartfelt thank you, and you’ll appreciate the increased sales that’ll come with these “thank you” emails.

4. Thank inactive subscribers.

If you have subscribers that haven’t opened your emails for a while or haven’t engaged, send them an email that invites them to do just that. They found your business relevant to their life at one time. Remind them of that. Let them know that you value their subscription and want to thank them with a coupon or a free sample product. This will encourage them to start engaging and shopping with your business once again. 

5. Send handwritten thank-you notes.

There are too few handwritten notes in our mailboxes these days. Think of how they stand out in a pile of ads and bills. While it might not be feasible to write handwritten notes every time, start writing them when you can. You may include a handwritten note with products you ship out, to thank class participants or any other time you have access to the customer’s mailing address. I received a handwritten note with a mattress I purchased and it has stuck in my mind. It has been at least 5 years, but I still remember receiving it and it gave me a great impression of the company. Partially due to that note, I wrote a positive online review, and have recommended that product to friends and family members.

The words “thank you” are powerful. Use them sincerely, but use them to bring customers back to your store. Apply these 5 tips to your business. Use them to increase sales. You’ll thank yourself that you did.

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