5 Fabulous Fall Promotions to Generate Revenue for Your Retail Store

Autumn has officially arrived, so it’s the perfect time to drive customers into your store with some fabulous fall promotions – and to enjoy the resulting boost in sales. Below you’ll find five promotional ideas to tempt customers with autumn themed sales and events:

1. Cash In on Football Season – Just because the back-to-school sales are over doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from other fall-related promotions. Football season can boost sales for a variety of businesses, and since the regular NFL season runs through December, you can promote it over and over again.

If you’re a furniture retailer, for example, you could create a sitting area and feature a weekend game on a big screen TV for customers to enjoy while their friends or family members shop. You can also offer specials and deals during the game, as well as run a contest that has to do with the outcome of the game. Keep track of who picked which team as the winner, and offer a special coupon, deal, or prize for the customer who guessed the winner correctly.

If you do happen to run a business in a state with college or professional football teams, you can take advantage of team spirit by running sales, promotions and events based on team colors. Let your staff wear a team shirt of their choosing. Not only can this help your staff spark conversations with patrons, but it will aid them in building more meaningful personal relationships with them.

Encourage customers to wear the colors of the local team and offer special deals or coupons for those who do. If necessary, limit the deals to the first fifty or so customers who drop by your store on game day (or pre-game day, depending on your unique circumstances).

Other ways you can generate interest in your store during the football season and potentially boost revenue include offering “game day snacks” or refreshments during special football-themed sales events or discount prices on products that are the same color as the football team’s colors.

The field is wide open with this one, folks, so get creative…and get the cash registers ringing!

2. Throw a “FALLing in Love” sale – While It may seem corny to launch a promotion using the season’s name as a play on words, Firefly Store Solutions says the benefit comes from the title’s memorable phrasing. Many stores tie the word “fall” into the premise of dropping prices, but this concept is more unique.

The idea is to feature an item on discount, on a weekly or monthly basis. When a new item goes on sale, your company can promote it as the “FALLing in love with (insert product name) sale.” Using social media, word-of-mouth, and cross-promotion with other local businesses are effective ways to raise awareness of the featured deal.

Make a point to showcase the chosen item or items with display fixtures placed in a central location for better visibility and convenience.

3. Offer A Colorful Deal – Autumn is traditionally a season of changing colors and vivid hues that inspire photography, painting, and tourism as people seek out the beauty of the transitioning leaves.

One way to use the fall foliage to your advantage, suggests Firefly Store Solutions, is by running a sale based on the color of your merchandise. Choose a shade to focus on each month, then mark down all of the products that are available in that hue.

We traditionally associate the changing leaves with red, yellow and orange, but you can expand the color palette according to your needs. Or, you can use sales stickers, labels, and signage in fall foliage shades and simply mark down the products you wish to promote.

4. Provide Pre-Holiday Pampering – The stress of the Holiday Season is just around the corner, so Fivestars suggests showering your customers with a little pre-holiday love by pampering them with a treat of some sort.

Whether you offer a deal on a special spa treatment, a new pair of shoes, or a new menu item, there’s an opportunity in every industry for you to treat your customers to something special.

For example, your promotion could read something like this: “The hectic holiday season is almost upon us, and we think you deserve a special treat / some pampering! Stop by our store before October 16th, and enjoy 20% off any item.”

5. Host a Holiday Open House – According to The Resourcea gift and accessories store in Richmond VA called Tweed hosts a Holiday Open House every year. It’s their official kick-off to the holiday season and one that their customers eagerly await.

These Holiday Open Houses are a huge boost to Tweed’s 4th quarter sales, plus they give the store an opportunity to capture holiday sales early, create buzz in the community, and bring customers back several times during the Holiday Season.

For six years, Tweed has hosted a Holiday Open House event and every year it grows bigger and more successful. So successful, in fact, that it’s been extended from one day to three days. Their open house days are by far the store’s biggest sales days – 3 times as high as their best non-open house day.

Open houses give your customers an opportunity to get to know you and your products while providing you with an opportunity to offer special deals and discounts, provide exceptional service, build customer relationships, and boost your store’s revenue.


Back-to-School sales may be over, but there are still plenty of ways you can take advantage of autumn’s bounty and harvest some awesome sales! Use the five ideas above to help you keep the cash registers ringing through November and beyond!

Sherene Funk is the author of the contemporary romance Autumn in Your Arms and two small business e-books. She is a voracious reader who owns more books than she can ever read in this lifetime. A graduate of Brigham Young University, she worked in advertising for many years before moving to her current writing position at Rain Retail Software. She researches non-stop to see what successful retailers do and loves to share what she learns with small business owners.